CLUB RULES

Revelation is a Christian based club. Since starting in 2005, we have built our club on a strong foundation based on the below rules. Our expectation is that all players will come in line with the below guidelines which will ensure a joyful and blessed experience for all associated with our club.Anchor

Revelation is led by God and the Holy Spirit with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone. While we respect that not all of our members share the same belief as us, we will certainly not hide the fact that our club is an instrument for God to flow his favour and anointing through.

  • NO teasing, NO gossiping or back-stabbing
  • NO bullying
  • NO swearing or offensive language.
  • NO chewing gum at trainings and / or games
  • NO gang affiliation. Go somewhere else if you want to pursue this path.
  • NO Smoking, NO alcohol, NO drugs around any of our trainings and / or games.
  • All players must attend trainings. Our club place high importance on the development of players so we need a genuine commitment from players and their families in regards to their attitude towards trainings. Players MUST contact Dave on 021 0220-3052 if they cannot attend trainings or their game.
  • ALL players must wear a Revelation t-shirt to trainings at all times. Failure to do this will result in a $2 fine. Players will have 1 week to pay their fine, failing to do so will result in that player being stood down a game until fine is paid.
  • Players must be ATTENTATIVE at trainings.
  • Revelation does NOT condone bad sportsmanship from our players or parents / supporters. We want our teams to play fairly at ALL times and for ALL players to try their best when they are training and representing our club.