The Rotorua netball tournament was Revelation Sports Club's very first time taking a team out of Mangere on a trip outside of Auckland. Since our inaurgural trip in 2007, Revelation have returned to Rotorua multiple times to compete in the Kurangaituku netball challenge. The main purpose for the trip in September is to reward the girls who have trained hard all year and participated in the Revelation club fundraisers etc. Most years that we have competed in the Kurangaituku tournament, we have had many girls unavailable to travel due to church, family or school commitments. Nevertheless, from 2007, the Rotorua trip has allowed Revs to offer hundreds of girls in years to come the opportunity to travel outside of South Auckland to enjoy the company of their team mates while representing their club and whanau.


College A Grade - our very first time in Rotorua representing Revelation. Our girls were a mixture of year 9-11 and were up in the top Secondary open division. Our team played very well over the weekend and ended up making the main championship final! we won the final so finished 1st in the Secondary A grade - yay!

Intermediate - This season's year 7-8 side were without doubt one of the 3 strongest intermediate teams in Revelation history. They won the Mangere competition and were the very first Revs team to compete at the Auckland netball centre who had just moved to Panmure from Windmill courts. The girls also won the Auckland netball division although ANC would not put them into the top A grade as they did not know our club then. At the Kurangaituku tournament, we unfirtunately had 4 girls unavailable due to school and church commitments. Our team had just the one loss against Kawerau which was a very great achievement considering we only had 1 sub the whole weekend.


College A Grade - Another young but strong college team travelled to Rotorua representing Revelation in 2009. We were looking at winning the top Secondary open division which we won in 2007. Unfortunately we ended up finishing runners-up after losing the main championship final, hard luck girls. So we finished runners-up in the Secondary A grade - great effort.

Intermediate - This year's intermediate team we had almost all of our team available for Rotorua which was great. After winning the Auckland competition and finishing ruuners-up in Mangere, our intermediate team finished the season strongly by winning the Kurangaituku tournament. Our first Revelation intermediate team to win the Rotorua intermediate grade - too much alright girls!


College A Grade - After winning the MONC Ladies A grade and finishing 2nd in the College A grade, our Rotorua team were aiming to win the top Secondary open division in Rotorua. This paricular year there were alot more college teams and some very tough competition. Unfortunately we ended up finishing third in the Secondary A grade - hard luck girls. 

Intermediate - 2010 was the first time that Revelation took 2 intermediate teams down to compete in Rotorua. The aim was to take our top Panthers team down to win the A grade but also to take our second intermediate team to reward as many Revs girls for a great effort by taking them to Rotoua. Our top Panthers team won Mangere A grade and just lost the Auckland A grade final by 1 goal! so we were favourites for Rotorua's top grade. Unfortunately we lost our top 3 players the week of the trip! so we struggled in Rotorua and only had the 1 sub. The girls never gave up though and we managed to finish 3rd in Intermediate A - great effort girls!

Our Falcons team did very well in the B grade and the girls got better throughout the weekend. We finished 3rd in Intermediate B grade - well done Falcons girls. 


College B Grade - Following wining the MONC College A and finishing runners-up in the Ladies A grade, our girls were looking forward to Rotorua. With a few key players unavailable to travel, we entered the College B grade and the girls finished 3rd. Probably not our best result with the talent we had but the girls never gave up which is the main thing. Confirming we finished third in the Secondary B grade

Intermediate - 2011 we also took 2 intermediate teams down to compete in Rotorua. Our Panthers team had a couple of losses on day 1 and although we finished strongly on day 2, the best we could finish was 3rd in the top Intermediate grade.

Our Dragons team did well on day 1 but lost a couple of key games on day 2. We finished 3rd in Intermediate B grade - hard luck Dragons' girls.

In summary, 2011 was probably not our best Rotorua trip in regards to on-court results. However, ALL of the girls represented their club and whanau the best they could and more importantly they had heaps of fun and it was a good reward for their consistent efforts throughout the whole season.

2019 Kurangaituku Netball Tournament - Rotorua:

Intermediate - Our Rotorua netball team comprised mainly Panthers girls. In fact it was the first time in 3-4 years that we had over half of our Revs Panthers team available to travel. The team was topped up with a couple of Dragons and Sharks girls. Our team went through the 2 days unbeaten and won the top intermediate grade which was an amazing achievement.

Year 9/10 - After winning BOTH the Year 9 and Year 10 grades in 2018, this year we combined to make one composite team. With girls from 3 Revs College teams, we struggled a bit with building combinations. We finished 2nd in our section after winning 8 games and losing just 1 game. Unfortunately only the top team progressed to the main grade final so our team finished section runners-up. Hard luck girls.

College Open - This was the first time in a few years that Revelation have entered the top College grade in Rotorua. Our girls did awesome as there were certainly some tough opponents. We were unbeaten with 2 other teams right through until the final 3 rounds when we had to play each other. Our Revs girls managed to knock out last year's defending champions which was awesome. However we then played probably our worst game to lose to the other unbeaten team. This particular team lost their final match which left us 1st= at the end of the competition. Unfortunately we lost to them on goal difference by 2 goals grrrr.. so we finished runners-up in the top open college grade. Well done girls.