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2018 New School Assurance Review Report

The Education Review Office (ERO) visited the school in term two and carried out its Assurance Audit Inspection. The focus of their visit was to gather information so that they can answer the two questions:

1: How well placed is the school to provide for students now and in the future?
2: Is the school operating in accordance with the vision articulated by the Board of Trustees?

We are very pleased with the report and the recognition it provides to all of us involved in growing the Rolleston College community. The report acknowledges the hard work of staff, the pride of our learners and the positive involvement of the community. We are proud to now share this confirmed report with you all and thank you all for your ongoing commitment to ensuring that our students achieve to the best of their abilities.

The report states that “the school vision is highly evident in all aspects of its operations” and that the College is “well placed to provide for learners.” The report talks about a “curriculum that is highly effective in promoting and supporting student learning” and one that “allows students to delve in depth into areas that ignite their passion.

It is important to note that as a new school this was an assurance audit and normally this can only be given for a single year. The fact that the ERO team have extended that time frame into 2020 is another indication of the confidence that they have in the progress that we are making at Rolleston College.

The ERO report is below and we encourage you to take the time to read the report and gain an understanding of how well our school is performing.

Lynley Shaw (Chairperson, Board of Trustees)Steve Saville (Principal)

2017 Readiness to Open Report

ERO reviews all schools on a regular basis to give the Minister of Education, parents and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education schools provide and students receive. What follows are direct quotes from the 2017 Readiness to Open Review:

Preparatory work to ensure the opening of Rolleston College in January 2017 has been very well managed by the establishment board, the governance facilitator, the principal and the leadership team. The school is very well placed to cater for the needs of its foundation students.

The foundation principal is strategic and leads the school well. The skilled senior leadership team has a collaborative vision for the school and is actively involved in all aspects of the life of the school and community. Together, they ensure high levels of effective communication.

A special feature of the curriculum and planning documents is the integration of the cultural narrative that underpins all decision making and learning. Horeaka Haemata-the flourishing lancewood tree is the name gifted to the school and is central to the college’s purpose and curriculum. The tree also links the college to the local environment. The cultural narrative resource was developed by the local rūnanga, Taumutu, and commissioned by the Ministry of Education. The bi-cultural perspective is clearly evident in the new school environment.”

Jackie Freeman (Chairperson, Establishment Board of Trustees)​​​​​​​ Steve Saville (Principal)