Support and Pastoral Care

"May we always care for our children, not counting the cost, so that they may never believe themselves to be mistakes, but always know their infinite worth." -Pope Francis 

A student who is happy and feels secure in a caring environment is one who will do her best, take part in a range of activities and make friends.

​​​​​​​At Sacred Heart College wellbeing is a core element of our curriuculum and we strive to help every student feel that she is a valued member of the school community, that she is developing self esteem, receiving individual learning assistance if required,and is relating well to others.


We believe in the dignity and worth of each individual. Our student support network aims to help each student develop her talents while at the College. Our aim is for all classes to have high-quality learning and teaching.

The student support network is designed to provide every student with a:

  • Tutor Teacher who gives the day-to-day pastoral care and guidance and is the most important contact person for the student.
  • House Dean who has a special interest in pastoral care, behaviour management and curriculum guidance.

A further four key people work in the areas of student support are:

  • Guidance Counsellor who is available to work with individual students and where appropriate their families. She also can provide links with community agencies that can give specialised support.
  • Careers Advisor who ensures that each student has made sound preparations for further study and/or career choices.
  • Gateway Co-ordinator who organises and oversees work placements and courses with outside providers.
  • College Chaplain who provides a prayerful presence to our girls and walks alongside them in their life and faith journey

A Peer Support programme matches small groups of Year 9 students with Year 13 students with whom they meet throughout the year. This helps Year 9 students make a successful transition into the College community and gain an understanding of the College spirit.

Student support is provided for students who have particular needs in:

  • Academic support
  • Study skills and organisation
  • Motivation

The student support network aims to help students take responsibility for their own choices and direction while at school and in the future.


If you have followed the above steps and are still concerned, please contact our SLT* or you can make a formal complaint by following the school complaints policy here
*SLT - Senior Leadership Team (Principal and Deputy Principals)

Help your daughter to do well and be happy at school

  • Participate by asking for newsletters, getting involved in school trips and events and showing you value school activities.
  • Attend PTA meetings and meetings between staff and parents. Make your opinions heard.
  • Realise that we represent a diverse community and are proud of it. At times, teenagers can be challenging for both parents and teachers. Working together will benefit your daughter.
  • Enable us to do our job. Keep us informed. Write absence notes, let us know about address and phone number changes and any special circumstances your family may be experiencing.
  • Notice what is going on at school and in your daughter’s development. Talk about it. Be supportive and encouraging.
  • Trust your own feelings about your daughter. If you are concerned, call her Dean who will assist or direct you to the person who can best help you.
  • Support the school. Make sure your daughter attends regularly, has the right uniform and equipment, adheres to school rules and takes responsibility for her own learning and behaviour.

    School is preparation for the world. Learning responsibility and self-determination are values worth developing.

Support Available

Tutor Teachers:

The Tutor Teacher and students will remain in the same Tutor Class for the duration of their five years at Sacred Heart College in order to continue a building of strong pastoral connections. Our Tutor Classes have a vertical structure with a small number of girls from each year level in one Tutor Class. 

The Tutor Teacher is the first point of reference for the student and will be involved with pastoral care, specifically: guidance and mentoring, uniform checks, administration - such as attendance concerns and encouraging involvement in school activities.

If you have greater concerns, please contact the appropriate House Dean as listed below.

House Deans:

Aubert House Dean: Dr Amanda Aarons

Barbier House Dean: Mrs Juliana Collier

Holderness House Dean: Mrs Ashton Jamieson

Marian House Dean: Mrs Edina McFarland

Public Health Nurses:
We have a Public Health Nurse onsite on Monday and Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. They are here to support students' health needs, for example, asthma, eczema, skin infections, anxiety, women's health etc. Students can pop in to see them or contact them directly - Debbie (027 233 0157), Lois (027 449 8672). They can also be reached at deborah.williams@[email protected]

School Counsellor:
We have a school counsellor on site every day. Students are able to make appointments to see the counsellor during break times. 

Youth Minister:
Our Youth Minister provides sacramental programmes, pastoral care and support. She provides a stepping stone into the parishes of our community.