Deal with facility challenges

Discover how to work with us and solve your sport and recreation facility challenges

Collaborating for Active Spaces & Places 

Sport Taranaki works across the region to support clubs, organisations and groups facing facilities challenges.  

Taranaki is facing several challenges relating to sport and active recreation facilities that need to be addressed  so that burdens are not left for future generations.  

The challenges include;  

  • a changing funding landscape,  
  • a lack of volunteers,
  • ageing facilities,  
  • facility duplication and inefficiencies,  
  • changes in traditional sport participation trends  
  • increasing building costs.  

These challenges are further compounded by rising cost of living and the climate crisis.

It is important that we work together to create a collaborative, accessible and sustainable network of complementary active environments across Taranaki.

Strategy and Framework​​​​​​​

Below is the 2023 Strategy and Framework for the provision of quality spaces and places for sport, active recreation and play in Taranaki.

The Strategy outlines the why this work is important, our values, principles and a process by which facility projects can be guided to enhanced outcomes for community.


Staff contacts 

Our Spaces & Places team is here to help.

Tara Fevre: [email protected]                      027 3739 645

 Marina Healey: [email protected]       027 406 6123​​​​​​​


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Taranaki Facilities Consortium

The Taranaki Facilities Consortium is a collective of nine partners and their representatives from across the region that agree given the issues we are facing with sport, active recreation and play facilities that we must take a collaborative approach to better meet the needs of our communities.

If you are dealing with a facility challenge, require support or are planning to seek funding for a facility project the TFC would like to hear from you. You should contact the TFC in the early planning stages of your project.

​​​​​​​For full details on the Taranaki Facilities Consortium, including how it can help with facilities challenges visit the TFC website.

The Taranaki Facilities Consortium (TFC) is the mechanism to review facility challenges and projects, to provide support and ensure any facility build or redevelopment aligns with the above values.

The TFC is made up of seven strategy partners and two strategy endorsers.

Strategy partners

  • New Plymouth District Council
  • Stratford District Council 
  • South Taranaki District Council
  • Taranaki Regional Council
  • Toi Foundation
  • NZCT
  • Sport Taranaki

Strategy endorsers

  • Sport NZ
  • Venture Taranaki​​​​​​​

Taranaki Equestrian Facilities Plan 

During the development of the Taranaki Equestrian Facilities plan, we were in touch with all 56 equine organisations in Taranaki, looking at the state of existing facilities, our riding landscape and understanding our participants.

Thank you to the 501 people who responded to the survey, helping us to build a clear picture of Equestrian in our region.

The Facilities Plan highlights key challenges facing Equestrian in Taranaki and makes recommendations about the priorities for future facility provision.

The Facilities Plan has highlighted the need for Equestrian to work more closely, in partnership to realise a more sustainable future.

Achieving the recommendations in the plan will take all of us – we are excited to be along for the journey!