Bat Inspections

Bat inspections at national tournaments are nothing new, but the tests are more vigarous than they have been in the past.

These inspections and tests are for safety purposes.

To ensure your bat passes these inspection there are a few things that you need to know.

When purchasing a new softball bat ensure you are buying a bat that complies with Softball NZ bat policy

For a bat to be accepted into a national tournment the bat must pass the follwing tests and inspections

  1. Safety Check (for damage, altered bats, barrel size, weight and length, grips)
  2. Model Number
  3. Offical Certified Stamp (see the one point lesson bat check document to the right)
  4. Compression test

If any of these tests fail the bat will not be accepted and will not allowed to be used in the tournment.

What can you do

To help ensure your bat passes these tests and inspections, only purchase bats that comply.

1. Only purchase bats that are on the official WBSC bat list.

2. Ensure it has one of the following official stamps ISF 2005 with home plate surrounding, ASA 2000 or ASA 2004 stamp on it.

3. Ensure the bat grip is in good condition and there is no more than 2 layers of tape on the handle.

Presenting bats that the above 3 points are compliant will go along way to help your bat get through.

If you want more information, please read the 3 document to the left or see one of our local umpires who can help.