Walking Football, 2022

The Four Nations round robin tournament started last Friday evening with the opening match seeing Scotland defeat Wales 6 - 2. The second game which proved quite competitive was eventually won by England 5-4.

This weeks game will be as follows:

5.15pm Scotland v Ireland 

6.00pm England v Wales.

I would like to thank Tony Murphy for helping out with refereeing in Bill Boones absence.

Just a note on the verbal from players to the referees.i know this is in good taste but continual haggling of the refs decisions will not be tolerated and both refs have been informed to give yellow cards with no notice if this practice continues. The refs are there to enjoy themselves as well so please take this into account when you are playing.

Please also note ALL players MUST wear trainers or flat sole shoes while playing no bare feet or boots.

See you all on Friday!! 

-John Sands