WINTER PROGRAMME:  Starts Saturday 23 April

All sessions are at the clubrooms unless otherwise advised.

Runners and Walkers all abilities are welcome.

Saturday 1.30pm
A mix of on and off-road pack runs and races - such as the Downhill Mile, Patron's Darby, Cross Country Series, Club Cross Country and Road Club Champs. 

Tuesdays 4.30pm - on hold
One hour of steady effort

Thursdays 4:30 pm - on hold
Speedwork with Austin -
As winter comes on and daylight decreases more of these efforts will have to be on hard surfaces and not grass.

During hours of darkness:
Headlamps and hi-viz jackets MUST be worn during the hours of darkness.

Please bring your own headlamp, the club has a selection of jackets.

SUMMER PROGRAMME: November - April

Saturday 9.30am Pack Runs/Walks

Contact Noel 027 758 3410 for details