​​​​​​​Te Puke Squash Club holds tournaments during the year for Junior’s, Masters (over 35) and Open Grades. NZ Squash puts out an annual calendar showing all of the tournaments throughout NZ. These are available on the bar at the Club.

Most tournaments run from a Friday night through to Sunday afternoon, where you will play a minimum of 3 games against players of similar ability. There is an entry fee and you can enter these tournaments through iSquash. This is a great way to improve your squash and meet new people. For our local tournaments, you may have to play on a Thursday night, you pay your entry fee on-line or at the Club bar before your first game. The entry fee goes towards tournament costs, prizes and entertainment.

When you enter a competitive tournament you get points for your wins and points deducted for your losses (see the grading list or the points calculator). Our Club members will be asked to help at the Club during the tournament, in the bar, tournament control, providing a plate for the dinner or supper on the last day of the tournament. Please ask a committee member for more information.

Click here to view our upcoming events calendar.​​​​​​​