Thames Valley Junioir Championship Fours - 18 /19 May. Starting @9.00am


Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - dbf42daa-6d7a-4706-bc49-dbdb5d4f7939 #matches

Rep -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 15f8e182-739f-4456-a769-1d735aa4b5a1 #matches

Post Section - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 4097b193-31bd-4cbe-a5a4-e4b5d54fda4b #matches


Winners - Glenda Brackenridge ,Kathryn McGaughey Thompson, Amanda Woods​​​​​​​


Thames Valley Open Pairs - 11 /12 May. Starting @9.00am.

Men @ Tui Park 

Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 3a1a7c86-0cea-4f30-9ea9-faacd8df662c 1 #matches/1

Rep - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - de77b1a6-6ad0-4dac-b453-c51fea588d2a #matches

Post Section-BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 392527ed-09d1-44bc-867e-048eebcfbd99 #matches

Women @ Thames Coast  

Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - ba741dbb-5a2d-48e8-b33f-628b88c1f65a #matches/1

Rep - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 0f96fff7-c037-4656-b502-fbcdc3325949 #matches

Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 4c5e8123-7bf2-45bc-8ae2-458265d94229 #matches/2


Thames Valley Champs of Champs Singles - 27 /28 April. Starting @9.00am


Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - bb4bb2bc-cdaf-430f-9b38-cbd1120e9e97 #matches

Rep -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - c419dff8-135e-48e6-a4b7-41c73cac74bc #matches

Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 69d5f348-48cf-4cfe-9f5f-53b6df2b5fca #matches


Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - ce53e3e7-a0d2-4729-9934-6dfa6ca79f80 #matches

Rep - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 0a64fd44-0ddf-4c86-ae59-285d8faba0b9 #matches

Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 33834571-95d4-4005-9e7f-1ef2355db7a5 #matches


Thames Valley Champs of Champs Fours - 13/14 April. Starting @9.00am

Men @ Whangamata

Women @ Tairua on Saturday (13th) and then Whangamata on Sunday (14th)

Important notice - ---If a substitution is required, then this needs the approval of the Thames Valley Bowls Board. 

Mens draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 292e0f4d-f9d9-4387-b182-abf77b121e68 #matches

Womens draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - e98195c5-ef76-44d3-9782-d2f44c6fc30f #matches

Mens Rep- BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 86a4a5a5-6af3-4862-a44c-698575eca06a #matches

Womens Rep-BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - e53d244f-c1c0-4345-91d7-895c79de0402 #matches

Mens Post - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 0a989b09-d344-49ed-ae53-db75e3f7e3eb #matches

Womens Post - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 4ce0c221-39f4-4a6a-9187-dee66405616a #matches


Taylor Shield  - Saturday 6th April  @ Pauanui. 9.00am Start

Draw / result -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 3c928c82-8305-498e-908a-5a83c71253ab #matches


TV Mens Open Championship Singles - 27 January  -Thames Bowling Club

Section Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 04f7ed38-c98b-4fdb-8dc5-f5d4b07a42f5 2 #matches

Reps - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - eea22d2a-831e-4771-8379-95c9a1aa8c80 #matches

​​​​​​​Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 5e860b04-7c6a-4231-9d93-105fe87bf322 #matches


Thames Valley InterClub - 17/18 February --- Women @ Tui Park ---Men @Thames &Thames Coast

Mens -

​​​​​​​Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - e7d5e7c4-b5dd-47db-8de2-5504bfa4b616 #matches

Saturday's results -

Post Section - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - c03eab28-1658-4203-bab1-b1dbeea1eeae #matches

Womens @ Tui Park - 

Final result -


Thames Valley Scott Baker - Friday,16 February @ Thames Coast. Starting @9.00am

Draw - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 946856dd-805c-48a5-866c-c27faab5380c #matches/4


Inter Centre Kaimai / Kauri Competition - 10/11 February - Thames & Tui Park Bowling Club

​​​​​​​Draw  / Results​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


TV Womens Open Championship Singles - 20 January  - Thames Coast Bowling Club

- Entry fee is $15.00..payble on the day.

- Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - f8c2d0db-1882-4b6d-b83e-2cb4524182c6 #matches

-Reps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 13acc14b-ebd1-4f6a-9c9d-e037b1f95fe6 #matches

-Post Section- BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - a7c03b64-d828-41ce-952d-77d490b6f4fa #matches​​​​​​​


Thames Valley Bowls3Five - 13th January @ Tui Park

Draw BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 4af9d88c-2003-44ca-a3eb-f0ae437e5197 #matches 

Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - a7e5c1e4-f19a-449c-986d-902e943285bc #matches/1

Quarter finals

Tui Park vs. Whangamata 'B' ....won by Whangamata 'B'

Waihi Beach 'A' vs. Thames Coast 'D' ...won by Thames Coast 'D'

Thames'D; vs. Whangamata 'A' ..won by Thames'D'

Waihi Beach 'D' vs. Thames Coast 'E' ..won by Waihi Beach 'D'


Waihi Beach 'D' vs. Whangamata 'B' ..won by Waihi Beach 'D'

Thames 'D' vs. Thames Coast 'D' ...won by Thames 'D'


Waihi Beach 'D; vs. Thames 'D' ...won by Waihi Beach 'D' in tie breaker 


TV Mens and Womens Champs of Champs Pairs - 16 /17 December 2023

Section Play - Men @ Paeroa / Womens @ Tairua

Post Section Play - all @ Paeroa -Games start @ 9.00am. Team with a Bye please be there by 10.30am

Mens Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 54724083-a7bd-4c24-86f6-6f088c5da394 #matches

Mens Reps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 93167dcc-192a-4081-a823-46b9232f7e76 #matches

Mens Post Section Draw - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 12c2026f-0cd2-4d3a-9715-97f4f56d7c3c #matches/1

Womens Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - a0d25863-0b99-4bbe-b150-454dee60d049 #matches

Womens Reps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - f4bc5188-8335-46f0-b0a7-18cef994ef24 #matches

Womens Post Section Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - ed9cc021-5ac1-49f0-a549-0bf7cb3c03a4 #matches


TV Mens and Womens Champs of Champs Triples - 2 /3 December 2023

Women will play @ Whangamata both days.

Men will play Section play @ Waihi Beach RSA on the 2nd December and Section play on 3rd December @ Whangamata starting @9.00am 

Mens draw - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 7360fe7d-ac8f-41ef-b9ec-cad879f4694f #matches

Womens draw - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - d69a41d8-d182-4e62-a943-af505379912f #matches

Womens Reps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - ca2adf23-3fa9-4ed8-8ba0-ccc2a0fb42d7 #matches

Mens Reps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - aefaf649-f512-48ba-977d-c8a2d81d7f78 #matches​​​​​​​

Womens Post Sections -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 62e0a765-892d-4eb2-bf3b-bcffdc54e651 #matches

Mens Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - b463811c-2a83-400f-aa2b-faf09e7021f0 #matches


Thames Valley Mens and Womens Open Fours Championship - Saturday, 28th October for Section play. Sunday, Mens Draw -​​​​​​​

Womens Draw - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 53d1d6b6-abba-40ac-b2dd-41501a934112 #matches

Womens Post Section - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 8968a146-e0c7-4010-a7a9-ca42c857ec1d #matches

Mens Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 7a51b726-8fb6-4847-a766-480a37323215 #matches


Thames Valley Mens and Womens Open Junior Pairs Championship - Saturday, 11th November for Section play. Sunday, 12th November for Post Section play.

Mens Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 4ef20fb7-34a2-4b6d-aece-977e279d498e #matches/1

Womens Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 0162e5bb-136c-4f8a-bd0f-912794972170 #matches

Mens Reps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 1217e6f9-0500-46dc-9066-0e3fd7c8a594 #matches

Womens Reps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 5b35bc3f-65c4-4e3d-ad36-c9371abe48f3 #matches

Mens Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 55fb3897-de43-4fd3-a960-c902e4415005 #matches

Womens Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - f8d7c9c5-8db5-42ed-92dc-e57feede0c0a #matches


​​​​​​​Thames Valley Mixed Open Championship Singles - Saturday, 23rd September for Section play. Sunday, 24th September for Post Section play.

Draw for Section Play -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - f8cf8728-0a74-400c-b4e0-40684f9850ea 1 #matches/2

REps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 74dc9d0c-a865-4e7d-b16e-30cfe808d941 #match

POST SECTION DRAW- BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 79a44a77-4776-47bb-ac93-b9901aefc3d5 #matches



Thames Valley Mixed Open Championship 2x4x4 Pairs - Saturday, 7th October for Section play. Sunday, 8th October for Post Section play.

Draw Section Play - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - f09fbda4-8f5c-4e09-9113-3df1fdf3f7b1 2 #matches

Reps -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 18778004-791e-4b2c-b8a7-e7f54a66db39 #matches

Post Section Draw -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 739a4bc5-92fd-402b-b54b-4d983a3a2e15 #matches


Thames Valley Mens and Womens Open Fours Championship - Saturday, 28th October for Section play. Sunday, Mens Draw -​​​​​​​

Womens Draw - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 53d1d6b6-abba-40ac-b2dd-41501a934112 #matches

Womens Post Section - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 8968a146-e0c7-4010-a7a9-ca42c857ec1d #matches

Mens Post Section -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 7a51b726-8fb6-4847-a766-480a37323215 #matches


​​​​​​​Thames Valley Open Championship Triples - Saturday, 30th September for Section play. Sunday, 1st October for Post Section play.

Section Play Draw

Mens -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 07e75e05-b8fb-44e7-bb07-17f2161c6127 1 #matches

Womens -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - bd6af0bf-1754-4689-ab78-b331bde491c0 #matches


Mens-BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 2cb64cc1-50e1-43e4-a672-3955eee418c4 #matches

Womens -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - d8769d2c-8aa7-4000-9c66-d68896ba5964 #matches

Post Section play @ Thames Bowling Club

Mens -BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - d64977dd-dc24-430f-a8ab-4ff8f2fd80ee #matches

Womens-BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 7dd3480d-c4ac-45f2-9c80-58ea53dd9bb1 #matches


Thames Valley Bowls Centre - Opening Day Optional Fours  - Saturday, 9th Spetember - Thames Coast Bowling Club

Please enter your team through BowlsHub. Only need the skips name.

Entry fee is $15.00 per player, paid on the day.

Entry close @ 7.00pm, Monday, 4th September.

Draw - BowlsHub Aotearoa: Competition - 891cc6ae-211d-49ee-9173-ffc8becd7136 2 #matches/1


1st Waihi Beach RSA - Diane Paulson, Shirley Taylor, John Lorimer, Tony Talbot

2nd Waihi Beach RSA - Kathryn McGaughey, Lyn Brooks, Julie and Terry Scelly

3rd Thames Coast Bowling Club - Mark Mathews,Kevin Gainford, Kevin Wootten, Sandy Foy