Extracurricular Activities

Wakatipu High School's vision is to deliver Aotearoa's best all-round education. Extracurricular activities play a large role in achieving this vision. 

Extracurricular activities, including sport and active recreation, are an important part of a student's wellbeing and life at WHS. We strongly encourage all students to get involved in something either at, through or outside of school. We have an ambitious goals for 100% of Year 9 and new students and 80% of our senior students to be involved in some form of extracurricular activity each year.

To get involved with the wide range of activities on offer students can join the Google Classroom using the relevant code (set out in the Activity List below). This is where all of the important information about each activity will be posted.

How to Sign Up

To register please join the 'Google Classroom' for the activities you wish to be involved with in 2023. To register for the external clubs please contact them directly.

If you are already signed up to a Google Classroom from last year,  you do not need to sign up again!

  1. Download the Activity List (pdf) above
  2. Choose from the full list of extracurricular activities at WHS
  3. Consider your personal and family commitments when signing up for activities.
  4. Download Google Classroom App on your phone. 
  5. Sign in with your school Google account.
  6. At the top, click + Join class.
  7. Enter the class code from the Activity Sheet below and click Join.

Once you’ve signed up, the Teacher in Charge (TIC) will communicate using the Google Classroom, so it is important to check your emails every day and have Google Classroom downloaded on your phone, so you do not miss out on anything important.