WHS Sports Uniform

Uniform Shop Items

The following items can be purchased from the school uniform shop located at Student Services:

Rugby shorts - $30.00

Sports socks - $15.00 (football, hockey, rugby)

Netball skirt - $55.00

Uniform Hire Costs

WHS provides all playing uniforms to its representatives. There is a cost involved with the use of WHS sports uniforms.

One off use - $3.00

More than once - $5.00

Season use - $15.00

These charges are added to a trip cost or subs.

WHS Tracksuit

We are rolling out a sports tracksuit that is available for purchase by students for sports teams and can be worn in PE classes in the winter terms. The tracksuit is an ideal item for students who play a lot of sports for WHS.

The tracksuit can be tried on for size at Student Services during break times.

The cost of the tracksuit is $170.00.

Tracksuit orders are currently closed. We will communicate when orders open.

This is an exciting new addition to our sports uniforms and will help to create alignment amongst teams and athletes when representing WHS.

WHS Sports Hoody

WHS offers a sport hoody for all students to purchase. The WHS Sports hoody is generic, as opposed to code-specific, which creates alignment of sports uniform items and allows students to use the hoody for multiple sports, saving money for families. 

Hoodies cost $75.

Hoody orders are currently closed.