Have you ever considered picking up a whistle and becoming an umpire?

As an umpire, you have the best seat in the house at every game! It’s a great way for players and coaches to increase their rule knowledge; plus for those that have hung up their bib, why not pick-up a whistle – it’s a great way to stay involved! The good news is, to get started all you need to bring is a bit of enthusiasm and a passion for the game - we’ll take care of rest and give you the tools and support you need to become an umpire.

This year Sasha McLeod and Sharron Ede will be heading up our umpiring programme, If you would like to get involved please reach out, the ladies are happy to talk through umpires pathways with you. 

Take a look through Umpiring Pathways and Umpire awarded levels here 

Registrations for becoming an umpire view here

You can contact these named umpires to do your allocation during the season. If named umpires are unavailble- you are required to do your own allocation:

$40 per umpire for a full game 

Premier/Senior A/Senior B Umpires       

Lisa Murphy 027 274 4094

Kelly Mackenzie 021338240

Cam Murphy 027 274 4098

Sue Albrecht 027 309 2998

Sasha McLeod 027 500 2027

Ata Maiava 021 171 2793

Sherryn Kay 021 143 0728

Jess O’Connell 021 081 38740

Ree 0210408783

Senior A & Senior B Umpires

Zara Small 02108092432

Honor Gilbert 0272858004

Brooke Thompson 0275501410

Neive McLeod 021 179 3071

Luca Mitchell 021 762 607

Trinity Jones 0211111974

Shrek 0211047240

Kay O’Connell 0276668821