Introduction and FAQs


Wellington College has a proud history of involvement in sport but all students should remember that the reason for attending college is education.

Selection or involvement in extra-curricular activities at any level requires all students to maintain a high work ethic and standard of behaviour in the classroom. Failure to do so could result in extra-curricular opportunities being restricted and we would like to see this avoided at all costs.

For those selected for the Premier teams a contract will be required to be signed by the students and parents supporting this regime.

We look forward to your involvement in a full and exciting extra-curricular sports programme.  Read through the FAQ's if you have any questions re registration key dates, payment/refunds etc - you may find your answers there.  If not, please contact us at the Sports office, we'd be happy to help out - either or  


When do the sports registrations open for 2022?  

They open on 19th November 2021 - click on the drop down menu above "online registration forms" or go to each individual sport and click on the link there. Summer sports registrations close on 5 February and Winter sports registrations close on 19 February to allow for trials etc to take place in term 1. 

What does "No Pay No Play" mean?

Wellington College has a policy where students are required to pay for all extra-curricular sports they participate in, upon registration.  Payment must be made online (either by debit or credit card) for registrations to process.  If you wish to pay by cash or cheque at the Finance office your son needs to go in, make the payment then he will be given a receipt along with details for seeing Mrs Beresford in the sports office (  Please note: the student is not registered for the sport until we receive the completed form and payment.   The student must be registered before he is eligible to trial and/or play. ​​​​​​​

When do the summer sports registrations close?

The registration for ALL summer sports close at 5pm on Wednesday 2 February, 2022.  Team lists need to be created and most games start the following week so its absolutely essential that you register and pay before then if you want to play.  

When do the winter sports registrations close?

The registration for ALL winter sports close at 5pm on Friday 25th February, 2022. Coaches and selectors need time assess for trials pre season so its absolutely essential that you register and pay before then if you want to play. 

If I didn't register for a sport before registrations closed, can I still play?

Contact the Sports Coordinator, Sibylle Beresford,  We will provide a link for you to  register  and let the convenor know. The convenor will then contact you with details of what you need to do next. However, please note, that if it is a sport where trials have taken place, you may not be guaranteed a place on any team, or you may be assigned a spot on a team that plays in a lower grade than you want to play in.

What if my parent/caregiver cannot afford the registration fee?

If you find yourself not being able to afford the registration fee, please contact the Sports Director, Dave Keat, to discuss further.

I haven't paid all my sports fees for the previous season, can I still play? 

All sports associated payments (including traditionals/transport and tournaments) from the previous season must be paid for before you are eligible to trial/play for any team this season.  Check your son's kamar account or contact Bursary if you are unsure.   Contact the sports office if you have any questions:

I registered for a sport and I no-longer wish to play, what should I do?

You should get your parent/caregiver to email the sports department to let them know you are no longer interested as soon as possible.  If the sport has completed its trials, then you will only get 75% back, if we are notified within the first 4 weeks of the season you get 50% refund.  If it's after half way through the season, then it is not likely that you will get any refund.  So let us know as soon as possible if you are concerned about refunds.  Don't leave it until the season has ended, you may not get a refund.

I registered for a sport but haven't played, can I swap to another sport?

Yes. First, all you have to do is send an email to the sports department to let them know. They will then register you for your new sport(s) and let the convenor(s) know.
Please note: If the registration fees for the sport(s) you wish to swap to are more than the your original choice, you will have to pay the additional fees. If the fees are the same, the sports department will arrange for the fees to be transferred from one sport to your new selections. If a refund is required, then the sports department will contact you to discuss.  If trials have already occurred and the teams are full, then you may not be able to play in a competitive team.

If I am no longer playing a sport, can I get a refund of the funds I paid for that sport?

Yes you can. If you attended trials and did not participate in the sport at any time your parent/caregiver can receive a refund (less admin fee 25%).  Withdrawal within the first 4 weeks of the season can give you a 50% refund.   Please note: Refunds will not paid back to students.  Please let the Sports Office know as soon as possible during the season of play.

Can Juniors (Year 9 and 10's) play in Senior Teams?

Wellington College selects the best players for the Premier Team ie 1st XV, Senior A, 1st XI.
Any age group may trial for this but if not selected, Juniors eg years 9 and 10, play within their designated age group.