Club History

Our Senior club, Wellington Harrier Athletic Club (WHAC) is one of the oldest running clubs in New Zealand.  Under the Wellington Harrier banner it held its first club day in 1903.  The younger athletes have been a big part of the WHAC scene for over 40 years, to the point where we are now known as one of the strongest clubs at Junior level for the Winter and Summer codes.

In the earlier days, many of the local children ran for either the Eastern Suburbs Childrens Athletics or Kiwi Childrens Athletics.  In 1997 Wellington Harriers combined with the Wellington Track and Field Club to form the “Wellington Harrier Athletic Club (WHAC)” and at that stage it was decided to set up a summer children's section.

In 1998 the WHAC children's section combined with the Kiwi Childrens Athletics, to form Wellington/Kiwi Childrens Athletics.  This combined childrens club continued through to the end of the 2001/02 season, when the offer and decision was made to become fully affiliated with Wellington Harrier Athletic Club Inc, under the section name of "Wellington Children's Athletics".