To follow are some common questions we are asked at the start (and sometimes throughout) the season.....    If your question/answer isn't here - email j[email protected]

Summer Season FAQs

Is Club Day on if it's raining?
Yes.  Newtown Park is an all-weather track, however, we don't want soaking wet children, so we tend to run a limited indoor programme when the weather is wet. If the weather is particularly adverse, please check facebook for cancellation notices, or check the website.

Do I have to register at an interclub?
Yes.  To compete in an interclub you must register and pay a fee of $20 for the full season of six meets, reducing to

$14 for entry after Christmas (we have only two Junior Interclub in the New Year).

To register in the interclub competition please click on the link below: (Note YOU MUST be a financial member of an athletics club to register).

What happens at an interclub?
Athletes will compete in their age grade/gender in 5 or 6 events.  There will be a variety of track and field activities at each interclub for each age group.
eg. 7yr Boys may have  60m    Shot Put      Long Jump    100m    Discus
Athletes will get 3 attempts at field events, and their best result being the one that is recorded.  Sprints are run in heats, and then overall times are sorted on completion of all heats being run (so there are no semi's and finals - or we'd run out of time and energy!!

Do I have to compete in all events at an interclub?
No.  It's entirely up to you, but we do encourage all athletes to attempt everything.  You will only get better at the events you're not so good at by doing them more frequently.

Winter Season FAQs

What happens on club day?
During the winter season, our club day is Saturday afternoons.  We meet at our WHAC clubrooms on Alexandra Road (Newtown end) and after club notices, we split into running groups based on ability/fitness levels, etc.  The children are taken on their run by adults and/or older teenage athletes.  A sweeper ensures that any stragglers don't get off course.  Depending on the age/ability of the children, they may be split into two groups with one returning earlier to the clubrooms, and the other going on a more extended route.  Generally, we leave the clubrooms just after 2 pm and return approx 2.45 pm.  There is a table tennis table, pool table, and a games console to entertain those who come back early and await parents to collect/return from their runs. Please note our club day and time is being reviewed for next season.  The above information will be updated when this is done.

What sort of gear should I bring?
We tend to make use of our home terrain - the tracks around Mt Victoria.  So even if it's pouring with rain, there is some shelter through the trees, but it can be a little muddy underfoot.  Well-fitting running shoes are a must.  On warmer, drier days, running shorts and a t-shirt should be adequate.  In the cooler, wetter part of the season, poly props are ideal,  There are changing rooms and showers at the clubrooms.

What are winter interclub races?
Interclub races in the winter provide a range of courses to test your cross country and road racing skills.  Ideal practice for school, zone and Interzone cross country events which are often on the same terrain.
The club pays athletes entry fees into interclub races - we are billed upon completion of the event, so in many cases, it's not necessary to pre-register.  However, for some events, you will be required to advise a nominated club co-ordinator if you intend to compete.  This generally happens when an event is a team event.  With a teams event they work in one of two ways:

1. Relay - where runners will compete
a. in order (one after the other) around a set looped course.  So a team of 4 will send off the first runner, and when they come into the change over an area, they tag their next teammate who runs the same.
b. in legs on a long-distance run. For example, the Bays relay starts at Island Bay, and there are different legs (of varying distances) around the peninsula and along Cobham Drive to finish down by the Wind Wand cnr of Evans Bay Parade.  There are changeover points where teams tag the next runner.

2. Age Grade Races with teams to count.  This is where the club's athletes in each age grade run the race (all setting off together) and they are allocated points based on where they finish in the race.  Depending on the rules, it may be that the first 3 team members to finish count towards the points so if we got 3rd, 6th, and 12th our team points would total (3 + 6 + 12 = 21 points).  The club whose team has the lowest number of points will win.