Spikes (screw-in metal spikes of 6mm length) are recommended for athletes aged 10 years and up, and may only be worn in track & field competitions by athletes 10yrs and over.  
Younger athletes may wear shoes that have a moulded plastic/hard rubber spike (ie. not removable) and these are fine to wear in competition or at club days.

NB.  Athletes aged 10 & 11 years - If you are wearing metal spikes in sprint events, you will be required to use blocks to start.  All athletes aged 12yrs and above regardless of footwear are required to start sprints (events up to 400m) in blocks

In Summer
At Newtown Park’s “mondo” track the maximum permissible spike lengths are 6mm.   Please note that cross-country or ‘needle’ spikes are not permitted on the track.  Please check the notice near the entrance to the track for more information on spikes.

It is important that the right spikes are worn - Cone or Xmas tree spikes are suitable. !!

In Winter
Most of the cross country courses that the interclub events are held on are suitable for spikes, alternatively trail shoes can be worn.