Ready, set, BIKE! 

Our Bike Ready programme has empowered countless young individuals throughout the Waikato region to embrace cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation. 

Bike Ready is a programme delivered within the school structure which works with year 5 – 8 students. Our staff deliver the Bike Ready programme so the students can achieve their Grade 1 Bike Ready certificate. The programme works through 10 outcomes across 5 sessions so the young people learn about bike riding in a fun environment at school. Teachers are able to combine their expertise with the Bike Ready curriculum resources to deepen students learning around sharing the road. Schools come to us to express their interest about having the programme delivered at their school or we reach out to schools within the area who may be interested.

Programme Summary

5-hour course over 1 week Youthtown brings a fleet of 30 bikes on their 2 trailers along with the helmets for all students to wear. The programme has set outcomes so that participants receive their level 1 and our Youthtown staff will incorporate games into the sessions, allowing the young people to put the outcome learnt into practice, get used to being on the bike and, most importantly, have fun whilst riding.

At the end of the programme each child will received a certificate and the outcomes that they have achieved.

Why Youthtown?

Youthtown Staff are fully trained in Bike Ready Grade 1 Delivery and have lots of experience when it comes to riding bikes and delivering programmes to young people. • We have a culture of safety and confidence in stretching abilities in order to grow and develop. • We have a child and youth focus (7 – 15-year-olds focus for Bike Safety). We have experienced and trained staff with the ability to transfer skills into cycling. • We have a great reputation of working in communities. • Our organisational goals are focussed on learning life skills, building resilience, working collaboratively, and unlocking potential.

What is involved?

  • 5-hour course for years 5 – 8. 
  • Engaging games to test the skills they have learnt.
  • Learning how to ride a bike. 
  • Learning how to check a bike + helmet to make sure it is in good working order to be ridden safely.
  • Basic road safety.