Gather the girls! 

This programme was developed to inspire and empower women in sport. Her Ride is aimed at girls and women of any age from 9+· 

It is about learning bicycle riding skills in a supportive and female only environment. To build skills and confidence, plus it is the perfect way to have fun with all the wahine in your whanau. 

• Learn in a supportive, female only environment

• Build skills and confidence

• The perfect way to have fun with the older/ younger women in your whānau.

• Bikes and helmets provided - although you are welcome to bring your own, and food will be provided at the end of each session

Programme Summary

Her Ride is all about inspiring young females aged 9+ to get active through cycling whilst being supported by the women they value most in their lives: mums, step-mums, caregivers, aunties, cousins, whānau!

Running across 3 weekends, each 3-hour long session encourages those taking part to spend some quality time together learning skills, challenging each other, and having fun! Kai is provided, as well as a safe and supportive place to talk about wellbeing, cycling and everything else besides.

Those taking part work towards the Bike Ready Grade 1 award, which focusses on 10 key cycling skill outcomes. The aim is to see more girls growing in confidence and becoming more independent on bikes, supported by key adults in their lives. Being able to ride a bike around connects us to friends, interests, opportunities, and the chance to lead a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The extra bonus with Bike Ready is that the learning can safely continue after the programme with someone you know.

Participants can bring their own bike, but we don’t believe in barriers to taking part: we’ve got a full range of specially-configured bikes in different sizes, plus helmets – so there’s nothing in the way of getting rolling.

​​​​​​​What is involved? 

  • 6-hour course for females aged 9 and upwards
  • Learning how to ride a bike or get back into riding 
  • Skill development (including equipment checks, independent riding, braking, steering and safely moving, using gears, maintaining control, hazard awareness, basic road safety)
  • Engaging games to test the skills they have learnt  
  • Kai to connect over with others on the programme

  • Our staff are trained in Bike Ready Grade 1. 
  • We have a culture of safety and confidence in stretching abilities in order to grow and develop.