Certificates and examinations

Certificates are an essential part of the Pony Club system, providing incentive and encouragement to learn and improve members riding skills at all levels. Pony Clubs Manual 1 contains all the syllabus information needed for the Certificates D, D+ and C. The syllabus information for Certificates C+, B, A and H is to be found in Pony Club Manual 2.

Riders start with their D certificate then work towards D+, C, C+, B and A certificates. More experienced riders new to pony club may after assessment by their branch head coach be able to start working towards their C certificate. However they will need to complete and undertake any earlier certificate examinations, while working towards their target certificate.

Members must have attended at least 5 rallies of which 3 need to have been on the specified mount they intend to sit the examination upon, before they can sit a certificate examination.

If members enjoy writing or making things or project work outside the usual certificate requirements, you may be interested in working towards your O certificate.

​​​​​​​D Certificate
Approximately 8/9 years

D+ Certificate
Approximately 9/10 years

C Certificate
Approximately 10/11 years

Examinations for D, D+  and C certificate can be organised by Branch Head Coaches.
APC submits names of riders and the examiner to the District Commissioner and Chief Coach at least a month before the proposed examination date.

C+ Certificate
Approximately 12/13 years
Examination for C+, B and A&H certificates can only be organised by FDPC Chief Coach.

B Certificate
Approximately 14/15 years
A and H Certificate > 16 years, are organised Nationally through NZPCA