There will be a round of 2 phase and a round where you can take your own line:

2 Phase

A two phase jumping competition involves one round of SJ per rider.  If a rider does not get a clear round a second bell will ring at the end of the initial round and the rider is to leave the ring as usual. If a rider & horse go clear (i.e no refusals, run outs, knocked rails, falls) there will be no second bell as the rider has gone through the finishing flags.  If there is no bell this indicates you had a clear round and to carry on immediately into the second phase.  The rider then must complete a second shorter round over a different (shorter) course, which will be timed as soon as the rider goes through the start flags again.  Placings will be decided on time and number of penalties for riders who have gone through to the 2nd phase. Riders who have not gone clear in the initial 1st round, are still able to place.  Placings are awarded to the fastest jump off time (in the jump off, 4 seconds are added for every fault)

Take your own line

In this competition the obstacles may be jumped only once in the order chosen by the rider.  Any rider who does not jump all the obstacles is eliminated.  Riders may cross the starting line or finishing line in either direction.  Obstacles may be jumped in either direction, unless otherwise directed on the course plan.  Placings will be decided on time and number of penalties for riders through the course.  If there is a  refusal or run-out with a knock-down or displacement of the obstacle, the rider may only restart their round when the obstacle knocked down or displaced has been replaced and when they have been given the signal to start again.

Refusals: If you have up to 3 refusals during the course the bell will ring and you are required to leave the ring, unfortunately you will be eliminated for this round.  You may go over one jump as you leave the arena.