• 1887 The Napier Bowling Club was formed. It was a men’s club only and was situated in Carlyle Street, Napier.
  • 1890 The club was relocated to Dalton Street, Napier.
  • 1915 The club relocated to Nelson Crescent
  • 1953 The Marewa Bowling Club was formed. Again only for men and situated at our present location.
  • 1953 The Napier Women’s Bowling Club was formed, still located in Nelson Crescent.
  • 1956 The formation of the Marewa Women’s Bowling Club.
  • 1995 Both clubs amalgamated their Men’s and Women’s clubs.
  • 1999 The amalgamation of Napier and Marewa Club’s to Herrick Street. Hence the beginning of Bowls Napier Inc.
  • 2000 The old Napier Bowling club property in Nelson Crescent was sold.