Presidents Message:

Welcome everyone to the 2020-2021 bowling season. It is wonderful to be able to gather together and enjoy the camaraderie of the game of bowls in Level 1. We have certainly been through unusual times. Many people have spoken about their Lockdown experiences and for the most part have enjoyed the experience of quiet streets, increased bird life and walks in the autumn sunshine. Of course there were and are many negatives – job losses and decreased work in businesses, loneliness, sadness at not being able to visit family overseas and travel that has been cancelled. We have tried our best to keep you informed as we have moved through the levels. Thank you to our secretary and Club captains for their work in this area.

Once again we look forward to playing on excellent greens this year. We know our Greenkeeper is passionate about presenting greens worthy of Centre play and we reap the benefits.

I am happy to report that our membership grew markedly last season – some excellent imports from out of the area who have already slotted into the club plus an influx of first year bowlers – a mixture of students and adults. We must not rest on our laurels and plans are in place for attracting new members this season.

We are fortunate to have a large group of Bowls NZ accredited coaches. The weekly coaching sessions implemented last season have been popular and will continue this year as requested by you in the club survey.

As with every other sport, we cannot all play at the top level, but can enjoy club days,  and with the new Limited membership, be able to play in afternoon tournaments at the club. Welcome all new bowlers into this wonderful sport which encompasses all ages, abilities and disabilities alike. I know you are all welcoming to our new players and respect that at Club days they are there to enjoy themselves, practise and get to understand the game of bowls. They are not there to be coached.

We cannot undertake this journey without the wonderful support of volunteers.  We need your contribution, expertise and help in all areas of bowling and administration.  Thank you all for your continued support.

Our Sponsors and advertisers also are an essential ingredient of our sport, and without them we could not survive.   I thank them most sincerely for their continued support. Please let them know you are from Bowls Napier when you use their services.

On behalf of the Executive, I wish you all good luck, good bowling, success, and most of all enjoyment of the wonderful recreation and friendship that this game of bowls provides. I look forward to meeting you on the greens during the season.

Raelene Cronin