Capital runs on Mondays at 1830 (thats 6:30 PM sharp) from pubs, cars, parks, homes or whever we can get beer and people to.

Price is $2 for charges (usually beer or water) after the run and the hare provides the PS (again, usually beer or water).
Food and Beverages at the On On is Buy Your Own unless away fom a licensed establishment where a reasonable additional charge may be requested to cover costs.

Run lengths are from 2 km to 8 km and can incorporate Short Cuts for Walkers or extra loops for Long Running Bstards. There is a requirement for a Piss Stop on the run and this is usually observed by the hare.

Charges are held after the run in a circle and standard "fines" where a beer is consumed after a song from a pewter vessel (150 ml or so) consist of:
Celebrate the Hare
Short Cutting Bstard (hat)
Front Running Bstard (hat)
Wank3r (Pants)
Any other special runs or fines from the floor

Everyone usually has pissed off by 2130, preferably by public transport or Shank's Pony.