The trail markers you are likley to come across when hashing with Capital are shown below.
Many styles abound globally, and some may be in direct opposition to these. So when travelling, ensure you discuss with the hares what their marks mean before the run so you do not get hopelessly lost.


HHH                    The start of the run is here. Also the finish unless the run is specified as an "A2B" or point to point trail

HC^                    Trail Marker - Follow me. Can also be shredded paper in wooded areas or chalk arrows

O                          Check - Find the trail anywhere to 100 metres from me

OX                        BackCheck - Go back up to 100 metres and check. The trail deviates.
                                The "X" is usually inside the "O".
                                FRB's hate this if the hare puts them at the top of hills.

X, FT or T        False trail from a check - Go back and start checkin again.
                                Also a good one for recidivist FRBs.

HH                       Hash Halt - wait for the pack to re-group. Can also act as a check.

PS                       P1ss Stop - A way to make GeeString run

HP                        Hash Play - Usually found at a playground. Compulsory to at least have a swing

HV                        Hash View - Look around and enjoy the view.
                              Wait for the pack and then check for trail.

                                Go back to where you started the trail
                                (or continue to "B" point in an "A2B" run.

Sign of a well set run is where the whole pack reaches the PS within 5 mins of each other.