When out and about, it is customary for hashers to greet each other with an "On-On". The utterance signifies recognition of fellow hashers and can be an ice breaker for a hasher who maybe just saw someone wearing hash haberdashery (e.g. Tee Shirt)

During trail runs, the On-On is yelled at the top of one's voice to call the trailing pack onwards to your position. Ensure you are however, on trail because the fines for False Calling are severe.
Usually the FRB calls and then following hashers call according to distance to keep the call going to the last hasher.

Upon finding a check, the first hasher calls "Checking" and heads off in a likely direction to find trail.
If any hasher calls "Are You?" then if no trail is found, the correct response is "Checking".
If on trail again, and you are convinced so far that it is not false, then call the pack with 'On-On".
If however, you come across a "X", then you must immediately inform following hounds of the "False Trail" and return to the check or check elsewhere.
Wiley hounds sometimes will wait for the pack to waste time approaching them, especially if uphill, but if they are caught out in this deception, they will be severely dealt to in the circle.

If you are lost and wish to find the pack, call "Are You?"

If you have lost the trail and a hound calls "Are You?" reply with "Looking" and continue to hunt for the trail.

Upon coming across a PS location, call "P1ss Stop" loudly many times and run as hard as you can to accept the first beer. It is a badge of honour to receive the first beer, mainly because, all other things being equal, you will be first to get a second.