Conduct and Behaviour

Craighead strongly supports the principles of FairPlay and positive sporting conduct.

Students’ appearance and conduct, both on and off the field of play, should be of the highest standard and reflect the pride that they have in our School.

Craighead Diocesan School expects our students who play Sport to:

  • wear the correct uniform to all games and practices and ensure that it is clean and tidy
  • be punctual to all games and practices
  • abide by the referee’s/umpire’s decisions without complaint or argument
  • avoid inappropriate behaviour such as swearing, fighting, arguing – even when they may be provoked!
  • show loyalty to their team, captain, coach and School
  • applaud and congratulate good sporting behaviour, whether it is their own team or the opposition
  • ‘play hard but play fair’

While some sports may seem more ‘competitive’ than others, all girls take their participation very seriously, with teams and individuals always performing very highly.