Craighead was well represented during the Winter Tournament last week with 6 teams competing across the South Island. Congratulations to all those involved in the team and thank you to the team management for all of the dedication, time and hard work that you put into each of your teams. Events like Tournament Week do not happen without people like you. Below you will find a brief summary of each team and their results:

Equestrian Team – SISS Equestrian Championship at McLeans Island, Christchurch

    • The Craighead Equestrian team had a strong performance at their South Island Tournament considering they were only a team of five with many other schools having up to 15-20 riders. They were 2nd in the Controlled Trial Riding (CTR), 1st in the Arena Eventing (for the second year in a row) and the 2nd Team Overall for the competition. Riders competing (as pictured in photo L to R) were Ella Haywood, Cate Lightbourne, Greta Murray, Lydia Hanrahan, and Sophie Smith.

                    This is an outstanding effort, congratulations to the competitors and the team management!

First XI Hockey – Federation Cup/Marie Fry Trophy in Christchurch

    • The First XI Hockey team traveled to Christchurch on Sunday 27 August ready for the first round of pool play to commence on Monday 28 August. There was some fierce, high level competition present at this tournament and Craighead put up a good fight in pool play, especially against Villa Maria but unfortunately came away with no wins. In the Marie Fry side of the draw, Craighead were able to find their groove and put together some quality matches and find themselves a few victories to finish the tournament in 29th place. The results of each game are as follows:
  • Craighead v Wellington Girls: 2-6
  • Craighead v Villa Maria: 0-1
  • Craighead v Columba: 3-7
  • Craighead v Kings College: 0-2
  • Craighead v Waikato Diocesan 0-2
  • Craighead v Bethlehem College:             2-1
  • Craighead v Samuel Marsden College: 4-2

Second XI Hockey – Chris Arthur Tournament in Ashburton

    • The Second XI Hockey team traveled to and from Ashburton each day from Monday 28 August to Thursday 31 August. This was the first time Craighead have sent a Second XI to Winter Tournament and it provided great exposure for the girls in the team. Their development from the beginning of the tournament to the end was remarkable. They have already brought back numerous new skills and are implementing these into their respective representative programmes. The results of each game are as follows:
  • Craighead v St Margarets: 0-9
  • Craighead v Whangarei Girls: 0-5
  • Craighead v Kings College: 0-5
  • Craighead v St Andrews College: 1-1
  • Craighead v St Hilda’s: 0-3

Senior A Netball – SISS Netball Tournament in Invercargill

    • The Senior A Netball team travelled to Invercargill on Saturday 26 August to get settled and have some time together as a team, to get ready for the first game on Monday 28 August. It was a tough first few games for the team but as the tournament progressed, they found their groove and produced some amazing and nail-biting results! The team finished 29th overall. The results of each game are as follows:
  • Craighead v Villa Maria:
  • Craighead v Southland Girls:
  • Craighead v St Peter’s College: 38-30
  • Craighead v Roncalli College:
  • Craighead v Kaiapoi High School: 33-36
  • Craighead v St Kevin’s College: 26-34
  • Craighead v Burnside: 44-28
  • Craighead v Geraldine: 33-29

Senior A Basketball – Southern Cup Tournament in Timaru

    • The Senior A Basketball team competed in the local Southern Cup Tournament in Timaru. After a tough first game, the team were able to put together a few great wins in pool play over the first two days to come out of their pool in 3rd place. There was an immediate crossover into playoff games in this tournament which meant that the team was playing off for 5th and 6th place on the final day of the tournament against a strong Burnside team. The team played great team Basketball and were back to full strength with the arrival of the Netball players and managed to come away with the win placing them 5th overall in the tournament! The results of each game are as follows:
  • Craighead v Greymouth High School: 41-63
  • Craighead v Nelson College for Girls: 58-56
  • Craighead v Roncalli College: 47-41
  • Craighead v Te Punawai o Waipapa: 37-68
  • Craighead v Burnside High School: 48-39

First XI Football – Lotto Sportswear Tournament in Timaru

    • The First XI Football team also competed locally in the Lotto Sportswear Tournament in Timaru. Our team came up against the eventual winners in their first match, which was a tough first game. However, our CDS team did manage to get a strong win in match two finishing pool play in 3rd place, but missing out on the quarterfinals by one point. They started their quest for the bottom 8 title strong with a convincing win, but the results would not go the way of our CDS team to finish off the tournament. Our team had great fun in Timaru and had amazing support from their team mascot, Awa. Craighead finished the tournament in 12th place. The results of each game are as follows:
  • Craighead v Columba College: 1-7
  • Craighead v Roncalli College: 3-2
  • Craighead v Mount Aspiring College: 0-5
  • Craighead v Logan Park: 3-1
  • Craighead v Wakatipu High School: 1-5
  • Craighead v Ashburton College: 0-1