2024 Summer Quadrangular Tournament

From the 25th to the 27th of February, Craighead competed in the Summer Quadrangular Tournament, hosted by St Margaret’s College in Christchurch.

It was an action-packed few days with some awesome results in each sport. Thank you to St Margaret’s for hosting the tournament and to the coaches, managers and staff of Craighead that attended the event. We are looking forward to the Winter Quadrangular Tournament hosted by Columba College in Dunedin. The results of the tournament are below.


5th Columba College

4th Rangi Ruru

3rd Craighead Diocesan

2nd St Margaret’s College

1st St Hilda’s Collegiate

Certificate of Contribution - Isla Taylor


5th St Hilda’s Collegiate

4th Craighead Diocesan

3rd Columba College

2nd Rangi Ruru

1st St Margaret’s College

Certificate of Contribution - Renette Van Heerden


3rd = Craighead Diocesan, Rangi Ruru, St Margaret’s College

2nd St Hilda’s

1st Columba

Certificate of Contribution - Sienna Wright


5th Rangi Ruru

4th St Hilda’s Collegiate

3rd Craighead Diocesan

2nd Columba College

1st St Margaret’s College

Certificate of Contribution - Sophie Nelson


5th 9 points Rangi Ruru

4th 10 points Craighead Diocesan

3rd 12 points St Hilda’s Collegiate

2nd 13 points Columba College

1st 16 points St Margaret’s College