Prize Giving 2016

Most Valuable Member:
Lynette Wade
Supporter of the Year: Hine Price

Life Member: Tracey Blanden

Team 1:
Player of the year: Greer Tulp

Sportsmanship Award: Andrea Southgate
Most consistent player: Julie Koopen

Team 2:
Player of the year:
Danielle Blanden
Sportsmanship Award: Sophie Brown-Haysom
Most consistent player: Essence Maro

Team 3:
Player of the year:
Nicola Goodwin

Sportsmanship Award: Josie Wells
Most consistent player: Chanelle Barlow

Team 4:
Player of the year: Abby Broome

Sportsmanship Award: Nikki Petricevich
Most consistent player: Cheryl Kenwright