Prize Giving 2021

Most Valuable Member:
Takeina Maro
Supporter/Coach of the Year: Melissa Lathwood

Team 1:
Player of the year
Kirsty Weatherall
Sportsmanship Award: Denise Nouri
Most Consistent Player: Tash Blanden

Team 2:
Player of the year:
Alanah Hogg
Sportsmanship Award: Vicky Edbrooke
Most Consistent Player: Talia Metua

Team 3:
Player of the year: 
Silei Tuala
Sportsmanship Award: Maeve Lockett
Most Consistent Player: Jenny Robb
Most improved player: Maija Platt

Team 4:
Player of the year:
Sienna Heaton
Sportsmanship Award: Lauren Munro
Most Consistent Player: Aisha Kim
Most improved player: Thea Thompson-Frost

Life Members Awarded 2021:
Lynette Wade
Bex Norton
(10 Years with the club)

Congratulations to all our amazing recipients and to our loyal members.