Edgecumbe Squash & Tennis Club


Welcome to Edgecumbe Squash & Tennis Club 

We welcome you as a member of our Squash & Tennis Club and hope you enjoy your participation in the Clubs activities.  This information guide provides you, as a member, with a brief outline of the Club and what is available to you.

Edgecumbe Squash & Tennis Club is totally run by volunteers, who are committed to helping the Club operate smoothly and efficiently. The committee has monthly meetings, usually on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except December) to which any member is welcome to attend.  Many hands make light work and we welcome any offers of support! 

Children are welcome at the Club, but Parents/Caregivers, please, you must ensure that your children are properly supervised, as they are your responsibility at all times.  During graded games, the area behind the glass back court (Court 1) is to be kept quiet and children refrained from running around so the players can concentrate on their game.

The bar is open during tournaments, club nights, business house, leagues, swiss draws and interclub for a great selection of refreshments.  The kitchen is also open during tournaments and events.

Your Access tag is for your use only, you can bring a potential new member down for 3 hits and then they need to contact the Membership person to join and get their own access tag!  We have a range of payment options so go on support our great club by making it official! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our Committee members listed in the contact section of this website, who will be happy to help. 

Please remember to look after your Club.  If you are the last person to leave the Club, please turn the ‘hall light’ off as you walk out the front door.  Please make sure that all doors are shut, both on the glass back court and the front door if you have latched it.


Edgecumbe Squash & Tennis Club holds squash tournaments during the year for Junior’s, Masters (over 35) and Open Grades.  NZ Squash puts out an annual calendar showing all of the tournaments throughout NZ.  These are available at the club bar.  

Most tournaments run from a Friday night through to Sunday afternoon, where you will play a minimum of 3 games against players of similar ability.  There is an entry fee and you can enter these tournaments through iSquash. This is a great way to improve your squash and meet new people. 

For our local tournaments, you may have to play on a Thursday night, you pay your entry fee at the Club bar before your first game.  The entry fee goes towards tournament costs and prizes.  When you enter a competitive tournament you get points for your wins and points deducted for your losses (see the grading list or the points calculator). 

Our Club members will be asked to help at the Club during the tournament, in the bar, tournament control, providing a plate for the dinner or supper on the last day of the tournament.  Please ask a committee member for more information. 


Interclub is a competition organised within the Bay of Plenty for all levels of players.  Interclub is played at night, starting at 7pm, Mens interclub is usually on a Tuesday night and Ladies on a Monday night with Masters interclub on a Wednesday night. 

You have a team of four players of the same grade and the same gender (except for Masters). You will generally have to travel to other Clubs in the Bay during the round.  Masters is mixed gender (ladies and men) and mixed level of ability, however the teams are generally put together with similar grades in each position (1 to 4).  There is also a B Grade only competition, please see our Club Captain for details. 


Club Nights are held on Wednesday nights from 5.30pm till late for from Mid February through to November  All members are welcome to participate.  Non-members are also welcome for $5 per night. Games are allocated according to those present.  This is a great way to meet other members and learn some new skills. 


Edgecumbe Squash & Tennis Club has a strong junior contingent.  Junior (beginners) training nights are held on Monday afternoons from 3.30pm – 5pm in half hour blocks with groups made up by ability. We have volunteer coaches that provide a beginner level of squash training.  We have some rackets, safety glasses and balls available. Please wear non-marking shoes on the Court.  Any junior member is welcome to participate.  Contact our Junior Convener for more information and fees. 


Business House Squash is “fun squash” have a run around, stay for a drink or dinner and catch up with friends/workmates. Business House is run for 5-6 weeks in March to April and then again in October to early December on a Monday night. 

Teams are made up of 4 players (2 members and 2 non-members). If you do not have enough people for a team, let us know we can find extra people for you. This is a fun competition to introduce new players to squash and the Club i.e. workmates, friends, family etc. There is a team fee which goes towards the final night. 

If you are interested please either put your name down on the registration sheet or phone one of our Committee members for more information. 


Eliminations is a teams event for each grade, from each club within the Bay of Plenty.  If you would like to play, let the Club Captain know.  Each grade/team gets together and a coach is found, then you arrange training sessions to suit your team. It is an excellent way to meet other members and improve your skills. There is an Eliminations Weekend where you go to a set venue/club to represent Edgecumbe v the other clubs entered from the Bay. This is generally in July each year.  If you win Eliminations, you then go to National Super Champs and represent the Bay of Plenty v other regions around New Zealand. (This is when the serious training begins!!!) These are excellent competitions, great squash and good fun with your club members.  If you want further details ask a Committee member.  You can see some of the winning teams with their photos and emblems around the walls of the Club.