Our season starts in October 2022. Contact me to let me know you are interested out about pre season training or joining  a great female club.  

We have an amazing strong and growing junior programme.

Junior Girls Cricket (Year 2-8) 

Christchurch is a great city for your daughter to start playing cricket because they can start playing with boys or play in an all girls competition. There are junior girls only  cricket grades your daughter can play in, in Christchurch. Saints (St Albans Cricket Club) is one of only a few clubs that has teams in every grade. This means that your daughter can be in with other girls of the right ability and age.  

If you are not sure about your daughter playing cricket then read this:

1. Its not expensive - we supply all the necessary gear for the girls and team (bats / pads / balls etc) so no need to go and buy any gear at all.  

2. Games do not " last all day" !!!  - juniors play for 2 hours to 2.5 hours. So you can be home by midday or earlier on a saturday - leaving your afternoon free to do other things 

3. You don't need to have any skills - a coach will be assigned to each team and they'll teach you the basics. We try to get our Premier women players involved  so they can be  a role model to the girls. 

4. The girls start playing with a SOFT cricket ball and move to a harder ball as they get older and more confident 

However ...

because many of our coaches actually play cricket on a saturday , Saints like all other clubs require a little bit of support from the parents. So we do ask that parents help out -  you dont need any cricket skills or any previous playing experience - junior girls cricket is really simple - we'll teach you in 10 minutes all you need to know). Ofcourse when you are helping out you still get to watch your daughters - so it's all good fun.  

The "all girl" grades are : 

1.  "Year 2-4 grade " - this gives new players a chance to learn the game in an apropriate and fun manner. We may have mixed boy/girl teams but usually more girls than boys.

2. " Year 4 /6 grade " ... Girls usually are in year 4,5 or 6 (and possibly year 7 if it is their first year playing). Games are 8 aside and use a soft ball (atleast 1 pad and helmets needed - but we supply these), all girls bat in pairs for 5 overs and all get to bowl and have a turn wicket keeping. Games start at 9am on a saturday morning and are finished by about 11am.  We supply all the cricket gear needed by the girls. They play on shorter length wicket and small boundaries. 

3. " Year 7/8 Grade " this grade is primarily for intermediate aged girls. This is more like proper cricket but the girls batting must retire after they face 30 balls so that everyone gets a bat and a bowl each saturday. Games start at 9am on a saturday morning and are finished before midday. 

​​​​​​​So go ahead and register now 

It's really simple and quick to register and you can pay later. To register simply click on https://www.stalbanscricket.co.nz/admin/register.php and select "junior cricket" 

You dont need to pay until just after the season starts , but registering between Aug - Oct will allow us to communicate with you about pre season trainings, social events etc. 

If you register to play after the season starts (i.e. after October) it is still likely we can get you in to a team - so either register or give Barry a call .....

Please call Barry if you want to join the junior girls section of Saints  or you may have questions. Please feel free to make contact anytime and just let us know your are interested. 

Barry           m: 027 535 6245     e:  barryvb@stalbanscricket.co.nz