If you are interested in playing with Saints in the 2022/23 season (Oct 2022 - Mar 2023) then make contact now and we'll see if we can reserve a spot for you. 

 St Albans Cricket Club is well organised and one of the top women's clubs in New Zealand. Our Premier Women's team contains several NZ reps and half the team play at the very top provincial level, most of the rest are u19 players. We have had more than 20 women represent NZ since the club was formed. 

10 good reasons to come and play with Saints ?

1. You can train and play with the best NZ cricketers (we have several NZ level players including one of the worlds fastest bowlers - Lea Tahuhu, and one of the best batswoman in the world - Amy Satterthwaite).

2. We may be able to help with a job or car . WE have good contacts for people wnting jobs - helps to have a CV prepared when you arrive. 

3. Accommodation. You can stay with a family whose daughter plays premier cricket or we can help you get a shared house.  You will  be responsible for the bond and rent however but we'll help you get settled. We may be able to accommodate you fpr free for the first month or so while you get settled.

4. Great Pitches. We have brand new purpose built pitches to play home games on (they have been completely renewed with underground sprinkling and quick drainage and would be amongst  the best grounds in Canterbury)

5. Play more cricket. The weather in Canterbury is better than anywhere else in NZ, we start playing the first week of Oct - many other regions dont start till Nov. On average we only get 1 -2 games rained off in a season. 

6. Extra games and practice - there are opportunities to play extra games outside of club cricket with women at the top level.

7. A club that is very supportive of female Cricket. Just check out the website and facebook page to see how much the women are mentioned. St Albans Cricket Club is really supportive of the women and the club is always interested in how the women get along. We get the best pitches and practice gear and a paid coach who can do 1:1s with you to improve your game.  

8. Coaching opportunities - we value the overseas women coaching our junior girls teams if they wish to. Free subs if you do this.

9. Full uniform (trousers and shirt) plus hoodie , sorts, tee and vest for premier women players.

10. The girls are really friendly and inclusive - we work hard to ensure we have a good club culture. We are the envy of the other Christchurch clubs in terms of a friendly environment.

So enquire now about playing for Saints from Oct -March this coming season. Email Barry on 


Mobile +64 27 535 6245