Welcome to Gisborne Trampoline Club.  Your child may have just begun classes in recreational or competitive trampoline and you may be wondering what to expect he or she will be doing over the next term or what the future may hold.

The club has both recreational and competitive classes.

For New recreational parents your child will receive an hour's training which will prepare your child in basic safety on the trampoline and correct technique for basic skills, which are tested through a NZ Incentive Award Scheme.  This is planned in such a way that skills are built on as your child progresses through the badges.

It is important that children do not practice somersaults on their own without a qulaified coach present.  This is for safety reasons as well as ensuring that children don't learn incorrect technique, which can be very hard to correct.

For those that don't know Doug, he has been coaching for 42 years and he is a Senior Gymsport qualified Coach and National Level 3 qualified judge. Doug oversees all classes at the club.

Parents are asked to ensure their child is at class at least 5 minutes before start time and that you are not late in collecting your child.

No baggy or boxer shorts to be worn
No jewellery with the exception of a medical alert bracelet which must be taped down
No loose fitting clothes

Socks for hygiene reasons as sweat from feet rots the mat webbing.
Do tie your hair back.  Those with long hair have it securely tied or plaited.  This is again for safety reasons, as well as aesthetic.

We ask that each child brings its own named drink bottle.  For health reasons cups are not supplied.  We have a cold filtered water tank to fill each bottle.  Do not share your drink bottles.

If your child is on any medication or has any special medical needs please advise us.  Our club Safety Policy is displayed on the wall in the foyer.

Your subscription entitles you to attend one set class per week and these must be paid within the first two weeks of term.  As your child develops his or her skill level and is showing a desire to learn and compete he or she will have the opportunity to attend additional classes at no extra cost.  This depends solely on the Head Coach and is up to his discretion.  Those children in competitive classes must be prepared to attend out of town compeitions.

Recreational $105
Competitive - these classes differ depending on how many times a week you train

The affliation fee is paid to Gymsport and is a compulsory cost for all trampolinists.

To assist with collecting subs and other payments to the club please ensure you write on the back of the cheques the name of the child, phone number and what the cheque is for.  If you are paying for something by cash please ensure it goes in a sealed envelope with all relevant details on it.  If paying by internet banking the account number is:  01 0635 0166709 00 please ensure your child name is used as reference and what the payment is for.

All cell phones must be left in Dougs office until class finishes.  No cell phones are allowed on the floor at training.  This is for safety reasons as children texting during class is distracting and dangerous in that they are not concentrating on instructions.  This includes coaches as they also need to be fully concentrating for your child's safety.

If you wish to contact your child during class you may ring the club at 867 8349.

Boys wear a leotard and black shorts, while girls just wear a leotard.

Leotards must be paid for individually but the club subsidises the cost of the tracksuits hiring them to you for $20 for the year.  Ensure you wash them in cold water so the colours do not run.

Check if your leotard and tracksuit fit at the beginning of the term not on the day of competition.

If you have any queries about your child's progression, or need any further information it is important that you contact Doug.