What is Trampolining?

Trampolining is a relatively young sport originally derived from fitness training performed by servicemen and gymnasts. It has grown to Olympic status now and is a recognised discipline of Gymnastics worldwide. Trampoline can be broken down into four specialist disciplines.

Using a full sized (often called a Euro or Master Tramp) rectangular trampoline, athletes are able to perform a range of difficult jumping, twisting and tumbling manoeuvres. In sport the trampolinist performs a sequence of 10 tricks, with points scored for difficulty of each manoeuvre and their “form” (body position and neatness) during these skills.
Points will be deducted for not completing all 10 moves or for performing extra moves. Judging will stop if the trampolinist fails to complete a move correctly (lands badly or off the trampoline), or bounces without having performed a recognised move (double-bounce).