The History of HPNC

1963 to 2022

When junior basketball was being fostered in the district, games were very social. It meant a change from nine-a-side to seven-a-side for the mothers who volunteered to help. Much swotting ove rule books and attending lectures on refereeing was necessary to help players with the game. It was a familiar sight to see all the players, except the GS and GK, up one end of the court, and then there was a general backward movement when the ball changed direction. Prior to setting up the Howick Districts Junior Basketball Club in 1963, a small basketball club was first started in Bucklands Beach by Mrs Rhona Paranihi and then later disbanded. In 1962 Mrs Nancy Puttick from Bucklands Beach was at the forefront of arranging a few friendly social games amongst the various primary schools in the district. The mothers who organised all of this were to be congratulated, as from small beginnings, we now have a large and progressive netball organisation.

1963 - A small informal committee for Howick Districts Junior Basketball Club with Mrs Betsy Berridge as President set up a proper draw and competitive games were played each Saturday at the Howick Primary School (present Intermediate School). Junior primary school teams from Bucklands Beach, Cockle Bay, Howick, Mellons Bay, Owairoa and Star of the Sea Convent took part in the competition. Many coaches and referees attended coaching and refereeing classes at Windmill Rd. The three top junior teams were invited to take part in the North Shore Junior Tournament and were somewhat overwhelmed by their first experience of representative play.

1964 - Delegates representing Bucklands Beach, Star of the Sea Convent, Udy’s Rd Pakuranga, Owairoa and Howick, Mellons Bay and Cockle Bay met to form a structured committee. Committee Members were not permitted to hold office for more than two years (this was rescinded two years later). Games were moved from the Howick Primary School to Pakuranga College. The draw for each week was published in the Howick Post. Teams took part in a junior representative tournament at North Shore. Approaches were made to Howick Borough Council and Manukau City Council asking that provision of courts should be included in their future planning.

1965 - Team numbers increased to 37 and Mrs Pat Brydon was appointed as President. Notices were placed in local papers to encourage more personnel to come forward to help with the organisation of basketball in the district. An invitation to send representative teams to a Kumeu tournament was accepted.

1966 - Mrs Zara Bridgens was appointed President at the AGM. In spite of a good committee and organisation, the Club was finding difficulty in catering for all the girls wishing to play, and without more administrative personnel, it was almost disbanded. Fortunately, with growth in the district, new personnel came forward, and from this stage play became more competitive and an increase in teams and more help from mothers in the area was apparent.

1967 - At the AGM Mrs Aynsley Jacobs was appointed as President. Invitations were received from several Associations for friendly games and tournaments. All equipment used such as tables, bells, typewriter, timers, etc were supplied by delegates. A new Constitution was formed and the senior section began with five teams of Pakuranga College girls.

1968 - An Auditor was appointed and the Constitution revised. Team numbers increasing meant that the Association was handling more in the financial area; grades were now Senior, Collegiate and Post Collegiate. The junior section consisted of intermediate and primary and the senior section was flourishing with teams being formed by many mothers who were staging a basketball comeback. Representative teams participated in the North Shore Tournament. Junior teams went to Three Kings for outside competition.

1969 - Application was made to Auckland Netball Association to become an Honorary Member, which meant our representative teams could compete in more tournaments.  An Honorary Solicitor and Patroness were added to the list of officers. Lady Stevenson, Murs L J Fisher and Mrs W H A Blundell, Mayoress of Howick, accepted our invitation to become the first Patronesses of The Association, and The Association became an Incorporated Society. Manukau City Council had allocated land and a fund raising committee was allotted the task of raising $30,000 to $40,000.

1970 - We were now growing in numbers, the name Basketball became Netball, even though seven-a-side International Rules were first introduced in 1959. Assistants to the Draw and Record Stewards were appointed and the Howick Little Theatre was approached to join us in the shared responsibility site. We became a Sub-Association of Auckland Netball Association.

1971 - Mrs Phyllis Yuill was elected as President. Attendance at the AGM jumped from 37 the previous year to 53. Emphasis was placed on the Senior A Representative Team and a representative uniform of all maroon with white trim was chosen. Mrs Aynsley Jacobs was appointed as Manageress for the Auckland Sub Associations Representative Team.

1972 - New courts complex planning and fund raising was well underway. Help from the Howick RSA resulted in a donation of $562, and an oil painting was raffled with another $454 being added to funds.

1973 - Fund raising was still the main project, with a sponsored goal-a-thon. The new courts were underway and after completion, early in the year, the first stage of the pavilion was started.

1974 - 31 Clubs were now affiliated and the Executive consisted of 9 members. Mrs Joan Williams was appointed Manageress for the Auckland Sub Associations Representative Team. A record number of 21 junior and senior umpires received practical badges from Umpires Association practical examiners Mesdames Marjorie Pile and Margaret Stroud.

1975 - On 3rd may, Patroness Mrs Blundell, former Mayoress of Howick, officially opened our small pavilion and 12 courts. Total cost for the complex under the Manukau City Council Shared Responsibility Scheme was $57,000. The Umpires’ Association was formed, having previously functioned as a Sub-committee. The Constitution was revised prior to the 1975 season and a large Executive Committee numbering 20 was appointed.

1976 - The Senior section had grown to 52 teams and the junior section had increased to 95 teams.

1977 - Mrs Joan Williams was appointed President and Mrs Pat Brydon was appointed as Patroness at AGM. There was a big increase in team numbers this year with 81 senior and 100 junior teams. Bibs were once again worn by players and summer League commenced over the summer months.

1978 - We were granted direct affiliation to the NZ Netball Association and entered NZ Tournament in 4th grade after successfully challenging Buller. Coached by Mrs Pat McKenzie, the Tournament Team won 4th Grade and was promoted to 3rd Grade. Team numbers increased by 35 teams and the Coaches Association was formed.

1979 - Mrs Aynsley Jacobs was appointed as Patroness. The $40,000 fundraising target was reached which enabled us to apply for a loan to build the new pavilion and this year we entered Counties League competition (later Shanton League).

1980 - At the AGM Mrs Aynsley Jacobs became the first recipient of a Life Membership of the Association. Work commenced on building the new pavilion. The total cost of the pavilion would be $230,000 under the Manukau City Council Shared Responsibility Scheme. Tracy Eyrl was selected as a player and Mrs Joy McKinstry appointed umpire for the Auckland Provincial U/16 team to take part in a tournament celebrating the opening of the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.