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Netball NZ has learning modules for umpires, players, coaches, managers, and parents.

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The modules available include:

  • Understanding 6 v 6 Netball
  • Learning to Umpire 
  • NetballSmart
  • Coaching

Please refer to the below synopsis on some of the modules available:

Learning to Umpire 


This module helps new umpires, players, coaches, managers, and parents understand some of the rules of netball. It includes some practical techniques to enhance their umpiring. 
To umpire at HPNC you must complete this module. Please download your certificate and email it to [email protected]

Understanding 6 v 6 Netball

(Mother Earth FutureFERNS)


This module is for anyone umpiring or coaching 6 v 6 Netball. This includes parents who have children participating in this age group. 

This module covers two key objectives:  

1) The philosophy of ANZ futureFERNS Netball

2) The rules of the Year 5 & 6, 6 v 6 Netball game

NetballSmart - Developing Physical Capacity

The purpose of this module is to enable coaches to plan and implement basic performance enhancement and injury prevention programme (IPP) with their players, teams, and squads.

This module is part of the Community Coach Award Level 1. 

Learning outcomes

1. Understand the philosophies and practices of NetballSmart – Smart Preparation, Smart Warm-up, SmartMovement, Smart Training, and Smart Injury Management.

2. Understand the Physical requirements for Netball at a Foundation Level3. Apply NetballSmart principles to Netball.

Upskill your bubble!

Click the links below to watch our awesome Upskill your bubble videos:

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Skills Vid 1 - Dynamic Exercises

Skills Vid 2 - Movement

Skills Vid 3 - Ball Skills

Skills Vid 4 - Turning in the Air

Skills Vid 5 - Defence

Skills Vid 6 - Ball Skills 2

Skills Vid 7 - Shooting


Click here for videos on Future Ferns Coaching


Warming up before umpiring Netball prepares the body and mind for the upcoming activity. Netball umpiring requires a high degree of physical capability to cope with the unique umpiring movement patterns. Complete this warm up to ensure you are well prepared to umpire.


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