Competition Rules

U6s: Focuses on the enjoyment and participation in the sport of touch with encouragement of their skills on displayed.
U8s & U10s: The focus is on enjoyment and participation. Modified Rules apply and a copy will be issued with the Coach/Manager Starter Packs.

U12s & U14s: The official Touch NZ Rule Book (8th ed.) is applied. This Book is available for viewing on request.

Referees and Scorecards -

U8s & U10s: Coaches are also the referees for these grades. Scorecards are going to be issued & recorded.

U12s: Teams are to provide their own referee. Scorecards for this grade are to be collected from HWC Head Quarters (HQ). (At least 15 minutes before the commencement of the teams’ first game).

U14s: Referees are supplied by the Module. The Module Referees are responsible for the scorecards.

Points for U12s and Year 7/8 Grades -

Individual Points (Touchdown / Tries scored) – Male 1 point, Female 2 points.
Game Points Win 3 points, BYE 3 points, Draw 2 points, Loss 1 point, Default 0 points.

Uniform, Equipment & Footwear -

- Teams are to wear the same coloured shirts/playing tops, preferably with numbers on the back.

- Teams are to provide their own whistle and Touch Ball (size 5; 36cm long & 55cm circumference).

For safety reasons, it is compulsory for teams in all grades:

o  Must wear footwear (i.e. running shoes, touch shoes, moulds).
o  Screw in and/or metal sprigs are NOT permitted.
o  Cargo shorts or shorts below the knees are NOT to be worn.
o  Jewellery is NOT to be worn.