A team consists of a minimum of ten (ten) players and up to fourteen (14) players. No more than six (6) of whom are allowed on the field at any one time.


JYT is primarily a mixed competition Module. This is important as it is part of our philosophy to use Touch as a medium to teach social responsibility and part of that is teaching boys and girls to work together.

The minimum male requirement on the field is one (1).  The maximum number of males allowed on the field is three (3). In other words, there must be at least three (3) females on the field at all times.

To this rule there is the exception so that if a team finds that on the day they don’t have enough females then the following would apply:

·      The game will proceed, although the team without enough females will lose by default.

*The reason for this is that we would rather see teams still play than have two teams miss out on a game.  We understand it is hard to round up females for some mixed grades which is why we have now opened a division for U12 Boys.

NB:  The above only applies to U12+, the younger teams can proceed as per normal as these games are not graded.


Substitutions are made throughout the duration of the game. For younger grades it is important to sub/rotate your players regularly.