Coaching videos from Bowls NZ.

Very usefull videos on the following topics are available by going to the above link, and are not restricted to newcomers to the game - all seasoned players might learn a thing or two.

1. Introduction

2. Delivery

3. Common Faults

4. Draw Shot

5. Controlled Weighted Shot

6. Run Shot

7. Drive

8. Drills

9. Conclusion

Other videos to look out for.

If watching and listening is your way of learning take time to search on-line for recordings of bowls games. There are loads of games available from around the world involving most of the worlds best bowlers. Not only do you get to watch them play but listening to the accompanying commentary can be invaluable. Ok, tv pundits like the sound of there own voices, but they are generally well informed and there is usually a top world class player on hand to explain points of play and give there views.