Do you want to meet new people, be part of a vibrant disciplined sport, experience new opportunities and challenges, embark on a new, exciting and rewarding career, get personal satsifaction from contributing to the social and skill development of young people? 

Become a marching coach. 

All you need is a love of the sport, good communications skills, be well organised and have good time management skills.  You will be provided with equipment by Marching Auckland who also appoint a Coaching Co-ordinator to mentor you and give specialised training sessions.  You will receive invitations to attend workshops and seminars to improve your skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in becoming a marching coach be sure to contact Marching Auckland or the association nearest to you. Alternatively, contact the Director of Coaching at

Coaches new to Marching are required to complete the Introduction to Coaching workbook within one month of registering to Coach.

After 1 season, Coaches are expected to complete the MNZ Level 1 Coaching Accreditation module - this is not a test and will be completed with a Coaching mentor.