Miramar Taekwon-Do


A number of gradings and tournaments occur throughout the year.

Your instructor will provide all information in regards to grading. 

There is a cost that covers expenses and all students are encouraged to participate.  This is often a personal challenge and improves self-confidence.

Dates and registration details will appear on the Facebook page, Newsletters, News section of the webiste or announced in class.


When you get your dobok (uniform) you will wear a white belt.  The white colour represents the beginning of your Taekwon-Do journey.

As you grade you will move to new belts;

  1. White Belt
  2. Yellow Stripe
  3. Yellow Belt
  4. Green Stripe
  5. Green Belt
  6. Blue Stripe
  7. Blue Belt
  8. Red Stripe
  9. Black Stripe
  10. Black Belt

Once you reach Black Belt you move into Dan's and head towards becoming a Grand Master!