Miramar Taekwon-Do


Monthly Fees

  • Juniors: $40 per month
  • Seniors: $45 per month

Family Concessions 

  • 2 or more students within family: Juniors - $35 per month, Seniors $40 per month
  • 3 or more students within family: $90-month maximum total


Additional to the ‘Monthly Fees’ all students must be registered with the ITKD national body.  This is a one-off initial joining fee of $90 at the time of joining the club, followed by an annual renewal for student registration of $40. (renewal is paid at the start of each year). 

This payment is made to the bank account as provided in the ‘Payment’ section.

This allows students to grade, attend tournaments and provides for registration and extensive administration/development initiatives within ITKD (refer web-site) a copy of the ITKD grading syllabus booklet, and quarterly “TKD Talk”. 
​​​​​​​Your membership allows you to train at any other Wellington club for free (refer to ITKD web-site for details of other local clubs). 


Monthly fees must be paid by auto-payment at the beginning (1st week) of every month into the Miramar TKD club bank a/c: 

(ANZ) 06 - 0574 - 0884677 - 00

Please use the student’s ‘full name’ as reference for payment. If a family concession, please use a ‘surname’ and ‘FAMILY’ as reference.