Miramar Taekwon-Do

UNIFORM (Dobok):

Available for purchase direct from;


52A Cleveland St, Brooklyn Wellington 6021


  • All uniforms are supplied complete with white belt, ITF, ITKD badges.  (Replacement ITKD grading syllabus handbook is $15). 

How to tie your belt

Your ITKD Grading Syllabus book that comes at the time you register with ITKD has images supporting the following.

The description is written to match what you see when you look down at the belt around your waist.

  1. Take the ends of your belt and pinch them together. The right side is 6cm longer
  2. Bring the Right end of the belt across the Left end and..
  3. Take the Right end under and through the Left side of the belt, pull tight around your waist.
  4. Bring Left across Right..
  5. And tuck under the Right end.
  6. Pull both ends tight.

Please note all watches and jewerly are to be removed for training.