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2010 & Beyond​​​​​​​

Coastlands Cup:

2010:  Paraparaumu College A

2011:  Bluebirds 1

2012:  Business House 1

2013:  Paraparaumu College A

 P.V. Goodwin Cup:

2010:  Otaki School

2011:  Kenakena School Kauri

2012:  Kenakena School Kauri

2013:  Kenakena School Kauri

The 2000's

In 2002 the Kapiti Under 15s reps won the 2nd grade at the Regional in New Plymouth.

In 2004 KCDC built the premier court for the exclusive use of netball, while a year later a warm-up area was provided by Pelorus Trust at the front of the pavilion.  Also in 2004 one of the founding clubs, Waikanae, won the Premier competition for the first time.

In 2005 the local competition introduced semi-final and finals days, with Paraparaumu Beach School winning the Primary School grade, and Paraparaumu College winning the Premier grade for the first time since 1989.  Stacey McFeeters went on to gain a place in the NWR Development squad for 2006.  The Kapiti Under 15s rep team again won the Regional tournament in New Plymouth. 

A website was introduced and naming-rights sponsorship obtained from Coastlands Shoppingtown.  The Premier 1 grade gained a new trophy, the Coastlands Cup.

At the 2006 AGM a new name was adopted, Netball Kapiti, to bring the centre in line with parent bodies, NWR and NNZ.  The Coastland Cup was won for the second year by Paraparaumu College, who also finished second at the Lower North Island Secondary Schools Tournament and were named College Team of the Year by NWR.  Stacey McFeeters continued to rise to prominice, she was selected for the Shakers Squad and was recognised by the Board with an "Honours Award".  For the first time in the history of the Centre the Primary A grade was won by a team from Waikanae School.

2007 saw unbeaten Business House lose the Premier final to Paraparaumu College A whose domination of the Coastlands Cup continued.  In the Primary A grade Kapiti School's Maia team ruled supreme going through the complete season unbeaten.  Numbers in Primary grades continued to rise with children encouraged to play Future Fern netball at a younger age, and the Fun Ferns and holiday programmes were very well patronised. Life membership was bestowed on Mary Manderson and our 2006 Volunteer of the Year, Sarah Canham, won the Wellington Region's 2007 volunteer of the Year Award.

Champion Senior/Premier Competition Winners:

2000    Business House 1

2001    Business House

2002    Business House 1

2003    Bluebirds

2004    Waikanae

Coastlands Cup:

2005:  Paraparaumu College A

2006   Paraparaumu College A

2007:  Paraparaumu College A

2008: Business House 1

2009:  United

P.V. Goodwin Cup:

2000:  Paraparaumu Beach School

2001:  Paraparaumu Beach School

2002:  Raumati Beach School/Te Ra School

2003:  Paraparaumu Beach School

2004:  Kapanui School

2005:  Paraparaumu Beach School

2006:  Waikanae School

2007:  Kapiti School

2008: Paraparaumu Beach School

2009:  Otaki School

The Nineties

New teams entered the competition in the early nineties including Reikorangi, Waikanae Health Centre and Quatro. 

Otaki Primary School entered teams into the primary school competition.  The Gold Coast Union Inter-city competition commenced in 1992.  In 1993 Otaki Primary School withdrew from the competition, while Reikorangi Primary entered.

The Otaki club played in the Senior grade.  The Trustbank sponsorship ended in 1993.

The “Gold Coast Netball League” commenced with Kapiti and Kapi-Mana Senior A teams and the 7 colleges in the area providing teams.  Reikorangi Christian College entered the local competition.

1994 was the 6th year of Gold Coast Union, and Otaki and Reikorangi Primary schools were again in the Primary School competition.

Champion Senior/Premier Competition Winners:

1990:    Paraparaumu College Old Girls

1991:    Paraparaumu College Old Girls/Kapiti College A

1992:    Quattro

1993:    Paraparaumu College Old Girls 1

1994:    Paraparaumu College Old Girls 1

1995:    Kapiti Rugby League Netball Club 1

1996:    Business House 1

1997:    Business House 1

1998:    Business House Blue

1999:    Business House Blue

P.V. Goodwin Cup:

1990:  St Pats School

1991:  Kena Kena School

1992:  Paekakariki School

1993:  Kena Kena School

1994:  Kena Kena School

1995:  Paekakariki School

1996:  Kapiti School

1997:  Kapiti School

1998:  Kapanui School

1999:  Kapiti School

The Eighties

In 1980 the PV Goodwin Cup was introduced for the Primary "A" grade, and the winners were Paraparaumu Beach School, who won 11 of their 12 games.  Each of the 11 primary schools in Kapiti at the time was represented in the competition.  Mr. Goodwin was the Principal of Kapiti College at this time. 

 A Wellington Minor Representative team, including 4 Kapiti players, won the 4th Grade at the National Tournament in Christchurch.  Locally, the senior representative team won the inaugural Molly Dorne Trophy for the 2nd grade in the annual Horowhenua tournament in Levin.

 At the 1980 AGM the title “Kapiti Netball Association (KNA)” was adopted and the association adopted the logo of the Kapiti Coast Promotion Council (and retained it until 2005!)

 In the early eighties Bluebirds, PEX, ASEA and Metro joined the senior competition.  By 1983 the association had grown to 61 teams, including 13 clubs, and 33 primary school teams.

 In 1984 the Senior reps again won the  Molly Dorne tournament, as well as the Foxton and Kapiti tournaments.  By this stage there were 64 senior and 34 primary school teams.  Paraparaumu College Old Girls (PCOG) entered the club competition, going on to win four senior titles over the next few years.

 In 1985 Te Kohanga Reo O Kapiti, Karpra and Gemini enter club teams and inter-association (super-league) games with Horowhenua commenced, involving the top 3 teams from each association, played in Levin and Paraparaumu.

 In 1986 there were 55 Senior and 28 Primary school teams.  Kapiti Rugby League entered a team in senior competition

 In 1988 there were 49 Senior and 28 Primary school teams.

 In 1989 the “Gold Coast Union” formed (Kapiti and Kapi-Mana) after a directive by the parent body (now Netball New Zealand).  This was viewed as an opportunity for local players to be seen at national level.  New teams formed this year were Mahara and Southerners Raumati.  Trustbank Kapiti Netball provided generous sponsorship of $1500 in the first year and $3000 in out years, over 4 years.  There were 53 Senior teams and 38 Primary school teams at the end of the decade.

Champion Senior/Premier Competition Winners:

1980:    Business House 1

1981:    Southerners 1/Kapiti College A

1982:    Southerners 1

1983:    Southerners 1/Bluebirds

1984:    Southerners

1985:    Southerners

1986:    Southerners

1987:    Southerners

1988:    Southerners

1989:    Paraparaumu College A

P.V. Goodwin Cup:

1980:  Paraparaumu Beach School

1981:  Kapiti School

1982:  Paekakariki School

1983:  Raumuati Beach School

1984:  Raumuati Beach School

1985:  Raumuati Beach School

1986:  St Pats School

1987:  Paekakariki School

1988:  Kapiti School

1989:  Raumati Beach School

The Seventies

In 1974 a Primary School competition was held at Kapiti College for local children.  Inaugural schools were St Pats, Paekakariki, Raumati Beach, Raumati South, Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu and Waikanae, with Raumati Beach winning the competition.

 In 1975 the “Golden Coast Netball Club” was formed and a 12 team competition was played at the Kapiti College courts.  Previously Kapiti netballers traveled to Porirua to play.  Inaugural clubs were Kapiti College, Kapiti College Old Girls and Waikanae.  Pukerua Bay and Kapiti joined the seven original schools in the primary school grade.

 By 1976 the number of teams had increased to 20 and the senior grade consisted of 4 Kapiti Old Girls teams, 4 from Kapiti College, one from Waikanae, and one from Marycrest.  The winners were KOG White.

 1977 saw 28 teams play in the senior competition.  The “club” became affiliated as a sub-association to the Wellington Netball Association and became the “Golden Coast Netball Association”.  The first President was Raeburn Bourke and the association adopted “Royal Blue and Gold” as their official colours.  The Business House and Paekakariki clubs were formed this year, and the new Paraparaumu College entered 3rd form teams.

 By 1978 there were 41 senior teams and 20 primary school teams playing in Saturday competition at the Kapiti College courts.  The Senior A teams were Waikanae 1, Business House 1, United, Kapiti 1, Kapiti 2, Kapiti College Gold,  Paraparaumu College A, and Paekakariki 1.  Lower grade clubs included Post Office, Raumati Beach, Pukerua Bay, Cameo, Parawai, Southerners, Paraparaumu, and Paekakariki SLSC.  The Senior A winners were Business House 1 and they collected the Golden Coast Netball Association Trophy, presented by Miss Mary Moran of Kapiti College.  Miss Mary Moran was the "Senior Woman" of the College at the time, a position which would now be Associate Principal. The new Kena Kena and Kapanui schools were added to the primary school competition.

 In 1979 planning commenced for the building of dual-purpose netball and tennis courts in Percival Rd, Paraparaumu Beach.  The council agreed to pay for the courts, but netball and tennis had to raise the funding for a pavilion. 

 The first senior representative team was chosen this year.  The team played 11 games, winning 6 and losing 5.  They beat Horowhenua B in their very first match, 26-17.

Champion Senior/Premier Competition Winners:

1975:   Kapiti College A

1976:   Kapiti Old Girls White

1977:   Business House A

1978:   Business House 1

1979:   Business House 1

Champion Primary A Competition Teams:

1974:  Raumati Beach School

1975:  Raumati South School A

1976:  Paekakariki School A

1977:  Paekakariki School A

1978:  St Pats School A

1979:  Paekakariki School A/Paraparaumu Beach School A