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Netball Kapiti Centre


Monday 6th May to 29 July (No play on 3rd June (Kings Birthday), 8 & 15 July (School Holidays) 

The competition will be a 10 week round robin format.  Postponements will be made for weather interruptions and the program timeframe will extend.

Teams will be registered through your school and this information will be sent to them soon.

In the meantime any questions, please email Sue on [email protected]​​​​​​​

All teams need to be ready for game time at 4.00pm.  Gates opens to courts at 3.15pm for pre game training.

Junior Whistler's will umpire your games and provide match ball and bibs.

Here is the link for the format of the 6 a-side for your information:



Playing Format - Year 3 & 4

Game format - 6v6

Game Day format - 4 x 8minute quarters

Goal height - 2.6 metres

Ball size- Size 4 ball

Umpire - Junior Whistler's Umpire

Use of whistle:

Rules of play: 

    Time with the ball - Ball can be held for up to 5 seconds

    Footwork - The player must not reground the first grounded foot

    Defending player - Must retreat 1 metre

Substitutions - Both teams have the right to make rolling substitutions and/or team changes, at any stage of the game, with the players meeting at the side line and high fiving. There is no limit to the number of substitutions which can be made by a team.

Rotations - Players to rotate to ensure equal opportunities in all positions

Court size - Full court

Start of play - The Centres from the two teams use Paper, Scissors, Rock game to determine who will start with the ball, at the beginning of every quarter. Play starts from the centre circle on the whistle. After a goal is scored, play restarts with the non-scoring team having the centre pass.

Player participation time - Minimum of half a game

Competition set-up

  • Competition with focus on all-round development of all players and equal opportunities to play in all positions
  • Scores are taken
  • No competition ranking or results tables

Weekly participation

  • Training time should not exceed competition time
  • Approximately 45-60 minutes per session
  • One-two sessions (including game) per week

Please note: No Jewellery or Watches can be worn during your game.


Here is the link for the format of the 6 a-side for your information: