Ohoka Junior Cricket

Our junior cricket is played in the North Canterbury Junior Cricket Association area on Saturday mornings starting at 9am against other North Canterbury Clubs, following NZ Cricket rules for juniors.

Section 1 cricket is for the older children, school years 6, 7 and 8.

Section 2 is for school years 4,5 and 6. 

Section 3 is for school years 2,3 and 4.

Section 4 is for school years 1 and 2.

Superstar Academy is for school years 0, 1 and 2. Please see our "Superstar Academy" web 

Registration is available on the "Registration/Fee's" tab above.

The above age groups are just an indication as to what section your child could play in but we are flexible and put the child in the best section based on their ability. Please note there is a section 4 in North Canterbury, but we believe children in years 0 and 1are better to complete the Superstar Academy before playing section 4. Please note children change from a soft ball (section 3) to a hard ball in section 2.

Practices: We have fantastic volunteer coaches who coach our junior Section 1-4 teams. All practice times are based on the availability of our coaches with most teams practicing on Wednesdays or Tuesday afternoons.

WET WEATHER! It is the home teams responsibility to contact the opposition team to cancel a game if the conditions are not suitable for cricket. Please be courteous and provide the opposition with plenty of notice. Contact details for coaches are available on our "NC Club Contacts" page.

Click on this link for North Canterbury Junior Cricket Rules: http://www.canterburycountrycricket.co.nz/Association-Documents/Junior-Playing-Conditions

Click on this link for the North Canterbury Section 3 draw: http://www.canterburycountrycricket.co.nz/Draws-Results/DrawsResultsLive-Scoring

What is the difference between sections?

Section 4: Game duration 2 hours (approximately)

* 6 players per side (6 balls bowled per over)

* soft ball

* 12 overs

* no outs for a batters

Section 3: Game duration 2 hours (approximately)

* 8 players per team (6 balls bowled per over)

* soft ball

* 16 overs

* no outs for batters

Section 2: Game duration 2.5 hours (approximately)

* 8 players per team

* hard ball (helmet, pads, gloves provided)

* 20 overs 

* no outs for batters

Section 1: Game duration 3 hours (approximately) Start time 8:45am

* 9 players per team

* hard ball 

* 27 overs

* outs for batters after facing at least 6 balls

Ohoka Cricket Club Bank Account Number 03 0674 0072158 00 Reference your child's name.