Ohoka Cricket Club Junior Registrations for 2022/23

Welcome to the Ohoka Cricket Club 2022/23 Junior Registration Page. (Click at bottom of this page to register)

Fees for 2022/23 season to be confirmed. Registrations Closed

Fees for the 2020/21 were set at $85 for junior Section 1-4 players. This season the Ohoka Cricket Club have introduced a fee cap of $170 per family for all junior memberships only. The Smash Play (Beginner) Fee is $60, please proceed to the Smash Play webpage for more information.

All fees can be paid online into Ohoka Cricket Clubs Bank Account (03 0674 0072158 00). If paying online please put your child's name down as a reference. For payment options please contact Richard to discuss confidentially. ( phone 020 4128 7286 email ohokacricketclub@gmail.com )

If you are new to junior cricket and unsure of what section your child should play in please feel free to contact Richard Belcher (ohokacricketclub@gmail.com) to discuss. Section 4 is generally the first grade for beginner players who have completed Smash Play. Registrations close 26th September.

Smash Play is for young children (Yr 0-3).  If your child has never played before and is looking to learn the basic skills please register them for Smash Play, a 1 hour sesssion every Saturday for 5 sessions. More information available on the "Smash Play" page of this website.

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