Twilight Cricket Rules
​16 overs per innings

8 people in a team

​Batters bat in pairs for 4 overs

No limit on number of balls a single batter can face during the 4 overs

If a batter is 'out' (bowled, caught, stumped etc.) batters need to switch ends.

Batter switch ends at the end of each over.

Minus 5 runs for every time a batter is 'out'

Teams need to bat out the full 16 overs regardless of whether they have passed the oppositions total

If a team is short of players, the opposition team gets to decide which player/s from the batting get to bat twice.

​All bowling is from one end of the pitch for both teams.
All bowling run-ups must be shorter than 5m.

Wide's are the the internal wide line marking on offside and anything down leg is a wide

​6 ball overs maximum, except in the last over of each innings where all "no balls" and "wides" are rebowled.

Wides and No Balls (front foot and over waist high) are worth 2 runs each.

No 'free' hits off after no ball

​16 overs per innings

All players must bowl 2 overs and can't bowl 2 consecutive overs

​If a bowler is injured and unable to bowl or a team has 7 bowlers the batting team selects the bowlers to finish the overs.

Batting team provides the umpire

Fielding Restrictions (new for 2023/2024 season)
Teams are to have at least 3 fielders within 20 metres (i.e inner circle) of the batsmen (including wicketkeeper, excluding bowler) for the full 16 overs

Eligibility for playoff games 
Players need to have played at least one game in the round robin games for the current season